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Procrastination is a constant thing in my life even at a point that I frantically dive into one of my famous unfinished projects for pretending I am busy while, in fact, I am just delaying something else. So I had to force me to write the following…

Diet Belgium

It is now a certainty that the two halves of Belgium are going separate ways and even the Walloons have commented that they have to think about a future without Belgium as it exists today. The latest rumour I heard is that Wallonia and Brussels would further continue as Diet Belgium and that a new country Flanders would be conceived.

Practically this is an impossible scenario as Brussels is geographically surrounded by Flemish territory. Does any remember after-war Berlin and a patriotic speech that ended with Ich bin ein Berliner? I already see Barack Obama giving a speech before the Brussels NATO headquarters and ending with: Ik zèn nen brusseleir.

Lucky for us, we Belgians (Fleming and Walloon alike) are mediocre, lazy and inefficient and frankly too chicken too take up arms and shoot at each other like they did in former Yugoslavia… and probably we are incapable and don't have the guts to form a guerrilla movement like the IRA or the ETA, which is, I guess, a good thing…

Bombing Belgium

There have been two terrorist movements in Belgium, both between 1982 and 1985.

The amateurish CCC was followed by the state security from its start, as no Belgian can keep a secret until he enters the local pub, but the powers that be didn't intervene until one of the bombs killed a couple of firemen. The militant communists were sentenced for life, which means they are all free now as life has got a different meaning in Belgium than in any other country of the world, and the former terrorists even have got their own website now.

The far more efficient and eponymous 'Nijvel Gang' (or 'Brabant Killers') was probably extreme right and killed nearly 30 people in military commando style operations. The mystery has never been solved but the group was probably linked to extreme-right army and police officers, dodgy politicians and shady industrials.
Fact: in the Eighties NATO had sleeper commando units and secret weapon storage places in Belgium for when the USSR were finally going to invade us.
Theory: the deadly 1982-1985 raids may well have been a kind of general repetition, goes one conspiracy theory.

Thirty years later justice still doesn't know who really was behind the killings and as it is improbable, even for Belgian standards, to stay that ineffective for 3 decades rumours about a cover-up are abundant.

Anti-Semite Belgium

Another point in the news that caught my attention were the obscene reactions against euro-commissioner Karel De Gucht when he, in a Belgian radio interview, stated that there was an important Jewish lobby in America and that it is difficult to have a rational discussion with Israeli people regarding the Palestinian issue.

Although these statements are hardly world shattering the commissioner was immediately crucified as a blasphemous anti-Semite and he had to officially apologise. De Gucht is not one of my political friends but I quite like his sharp tongue. As an anti-clerical liberal he was only using his freedom of speech for stating that you can't have a serious conversation with people who, according to their religious beliefs, think they are always right in what they are doing.

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Gay Belgium

Which leads me to the following. Past week there was a documentary on the telly about homo-aggression in Brussels. The figures are staggering: one out of 10 gays in Brussels has already been physically attacked and one out of 6 has already been verbally insulted or spit on.

The aggressors are, almost without exception, young islamic boys, often operating in gangs and the ones who usually go whining, whenever television cameras are around, that they are so misunderstood and discriminated. Why do we need to be tolerant to people who abuse civil liberties in order to attack others? As usual the Belgian islamic congress, nor any imam, found it necessary to condemn these practices, what only feeds my dichotomous opinion about islam in Belgium and the rumour that this religion is incompatible with the western credo: liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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Paedophilic Belgium

Saturday my progressive newspaper De Morgen (the morning) had a complete white front page with only one small sentence on it. It informed that reading the paper would kick you in the stomach.

The much-debated catholic sexual abuse commission presented its report and the end result is that paedophilic practices, by catholic priests and monks, were omni-present in schools and youth organisations in Belgium for the last 50 years. The catholic church did everything to cover up these crimes and still does today, by the way.

Although the 200 pages report could be downloaded in its entirety, I refused to read it as the parts cited in the newspaper were already making my stomach turn and my blood boil, raping two year old boys, for god's (!) sake.

Suddenly I can understand the anger of islam boys against (what they consider) immoral actions, and even physical attacks suddenly don't seem that repulsing to me. If I would be confronted with cardinal Danneels today I would be seriously tempted to kick him in the face and plant my shoe in between his balls. Chance is he would probably like it, one never knows with those men in frocks.

Today (Monday, the 13th of September 2010) the cardinals and bishops gave a much attended press conference. A priest - who has been supporting and representing the church victims for over a decade - tried to attend the meeting but was violently pushed outside - manu militari - by the Church's body guards.

Business as usual.

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Fahrenheit 9/11

Last but not least, last week a preacher, whose flock is actually smaller than the followers of the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit, turned into a world-wide phenomenon because he threatened to burn a few korans. Instead of giving the poor man a valium and ignore him like the dog turd you have just stepped in he was given a prime-time pedestal to divulge his sick ideas. Even Barack 'my white friends call me uncle Tom' Obama needed to ventilate an opinion although I would have appreciated it more if he had finally given a date to cut the Guantanamo Bay ulcer out of the American body.

As if this was not enough international whorenalists then probed for the average mohammedan protester's opinion, who are invariably chosen by the amount of bad teeth they can flash at the camera. Well, answered an illiterate item who enjoyed every moment of it, for every koran burned we will kill a catholic priest. Apart from the fact that killing priests isn't a bad idea to begin with the answer did not really shock me. What does one expect?

Imagine, for a second, that the man would have replied: for every koran burned we will... burn one bible as well. No, no, make that two bibles! Laughter all over the world with the same impact Dr Evil had for asking a million dollars in order not to destroy the world.


But not these nutcases are to blame, they just enjoy Andy's glorious fifteen minutes. I blame modern journalism that has been degraded to a doctor Caligari freak cabinet with the morals of an Endemol game show.

Also last week an Iraqi candid camera show placed fake bombs into cars of innocent bystanders, just for the fun of it. We will all be amused to death, whether you like it or not.