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Dr Death and other assorted figures...

Entry 1722

When George Melly visited The Cromwellian club in 1965 he found quite a few wrestlers at the bar, what was no coincidence as the club was owned by four of them.

At the left side of the ring we find!
Paul Lincoln also known as Doctor Death!
Judo Al Hayes also known as The White Angel!

At our right side!
Rebel Ray Hunter and
Bob 'the wrestling Beatle' Anthony!

After the fight visit the craps table under the guidance of croupier Randy Steed!
Our club contains many famous guests: Brian Epstein, Georgie Fame, John Lennon, Lee Marvin, Paul McCartney, Omar Sharif, Ringo Starr...

and perhaps... Iggy the Eskimo!

Dr Death and other assorted figures... tickets now available at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit.


Gravy Train to Cambridge

Entry 1720

I'll see you at the Holy Church Some changes here at Felix Atagong's Unfinished Projects. Our sister venture the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit has been vegetating for the last couple of months, due to the fact that the main subject of its existence, Iggy or better said Evelyn, has been found and is alive and kicking at the British seaside.

As the main quest of that blog was exactly that, finding out if Ig was still around, The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit is now confronted with the fact that its primary goal has been reached.

A crisis meeting was organised and it has been decided that all Syd Barrett related news, that was usually published at Unfinished Projects will now be handled by the Church.

A first post, using this policy, has now been published, so if you are looking for a review of the most recent Syd Barrett compilation called: An Introduction To… we gladly invite you over there: Gravy Train to Cambridge.

Over the next couple of months some Barrett related articles from this site will be transferred to the other, until utterly confusion will be reached and nobody will find anymore what they are looking for.


Octopus Ride

Entry 1711

It came to the ears of Unfinished Projects that its mad little sister project the
Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit has been celebrating its second birthday.

Founded on the eight of August two thousand and eight the Reverend didn't know what a strange trip it would eventually prove to be.
More than a trip, it was a true octopus ride taking the Church of Iggy the Inuit from childhood to stardom.

So fasten your anoraks, brethren and sistren, and read the full article here:
Octopus Ride.

Last year's birthday party can be found here:


Rod Harrod remembers The Crom

Entry 1707

Years before she entered the Underground and met Syd Barrett, Ig’s first venture for glory and fame came when the cameras of NME magazine spotted her in November 1966. Issue 1037 had an article Come with NME for a Pic-Visit to the Cromwellian, written by Norrie Drummond with photos by Napier Russell and Barry Peake.

In the latest article at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit we delve deeper into the Cromwellian's history with:
an exclusive testimony from Rod Harrod, the man who signed Jimi Hendrix,
nearly first-hand information from sixties popstar Twinkle (Lynn Annette Ripley),
gruesome details about The Bend dance-craze that hit Britain in 1966 and last but not least...
the truth about Patrick Kerr's maniacal broom cupboard behaviour.

Rod Harrod remembers The Crom, only and exclusively at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit.


Syd meets... a lot of people

Entry 1693

Syd Barrett meets...
Welsh folk legend Meic Stevens,
beat poet Spike Hawkins,
Dominique A. (girlfriend),
Carmel (girlfriend)
anti-psychiatrist R.D. Laing (almost) before jumping into his
Mini Cooper and disappearing at the horizon.

Just a couple of anoraky world exclusives at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit.


Meic meets Syd

Entry 1689

Daeth Syd Barrett lawr yno un noson pan o’n i ar fy mhen fy hun yno ’da gitâr acwstig, ac ro’n i’n falch pan gyrhaeddodd Syd y tresmaswr ’da’i gariad, mynd â’r gitâr, iste ar lawr, a dechre chware iddo fe’i hun.
Ro’n i wedi recordio trac y noson honno, o’r enw ‘One Night Wonder’, ac mae e ar Ghost Town, Tenth Planet Records.
Ar lawr y bydde Syd wastad yn iste; doedd dim celfi yn ei stafell, dim ond estyll pren moel neu rai wedi’u peintio’n oren neu’n las, ffôn gwyn, a Fender Telecaster.

Read all about Syd's visits to acid-folk singer and Welshman Meic Stevens, at, well where else?
At the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit obviously.


The Case of the Painted Floorboards

Entry 1683

Summer 1969.

Harvest hotshots ask Hipgnosis to design a sleeve for Syd Barrett's The Madcap Laughs album that is in its final mix. Storm Thorgerson goes to Syd's flat to take the some shots, but decides later, for whatever reason, to use the (Mick Rock influenced) pictures that have been taken months before.

Alternative titles for this intriguing and spectacular blogpost could have been:
Of toy planes and dirty feet...
Still life with daffodils and pot of paint...
The great madcap laughs swindle...
but eventually the Holy Igquisition settled for...
The Case of the Painted Floorboards

Read it, at your own risk, at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit!


We are all made of stars

Entry 1681

History, as we know it, is the story of royalty and generals and does not contain the memory of the millions who succumbed or who tried to build a normal life.

This also applies to modern popular history. Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett biographies and the so-called Sixties counter-culture studies that have appeared all repeat the memories of a small, nearly incestuous, circle of people who made it, one way or another. You always stumble upon those who have become the royalty and generals of the Underground. Others are less known, the lower rank officers, but still officers.

The rest of this introspective article at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit tells the story of Ponji and Pip, who didn't quite make it.


Little old lady from London-by-the-Sea

Entry 1678

Tranquillity is slowly descending upon the Holy Church of Inuit like smog upon Victorian London. Several brethren and sistren of the Church, and one-time visitors who entered through the front gate to study its baroque interior, have passed some valid information to the Reverend and these will be further investigated in the future.

On the thirteenth of February of this year The Croydon Guardian published a short, hastily noted down, interview with (a quite reluctant) Iggy, titled: Croydon Guardian tracks down elusive rock star muse. The latest post at the Church scrutinises every word she has said: Little old lady from London-by-the-Sea.


All about Evelyn

Entry 1676

Roundup of the Mojo vs Iggy story by publishing two letters that have appeared in the April issue of Mojo magazine (197).

First the letter from Peter Brown [Thongman] identifying Iggy as Evelyn and telling how she left London for Brighton in the early Seventies.

Second: Jenny Spires's letter to Mojo setting a couple of things straight: the painted floor job, the case of the dead daffodils and Syd's alleged involvement with mandrax.

All about Evelyn now being praised at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit.