Iggy takes India by Storm #1

Iggy by Vic Singh
Iggy by legendary Pink Floyd photographer Vic Singh, 2015

On the end of May 2021 the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit was consulted by a visitor from Mizoram who found it interesting enough to share on a Facebook group.

There it was picked up by an Indian relative of Iggy. The Mizo branch had lost contact with the English family members in the sixties, when there had been a military conflict between India and Mizoram freedom fighters.

In the aftermath of the conflict the Indian government censored all letters to and from Mizoram and communication was lost between Iggy’s mother and her family in north-east India.

So imagine the emotions from Iggy’s nephews and nieces when they found out that, perhaps, after a half-century gap they could get in contact again with their long-lost family, living in Great-Britain.

In Mizo circles the Holy Church went viral and the Reverend was contacted by quite a few people. You can read about it in Family Reunion.

Meanwhile the Indian press got hold of the news and in the next few posts we will highlight some of these articles.

The Northeast Today is a digital portal and they had a news snippet on Twitter. Unfortunately we couldn’t track down the article.

NET Snippet on Twitter
Did You know: Pink Floyd and 'Iggy the Inuit had a Mizoram connection.

The Assam Tribune, so says Wikipedia, is an Indian English daily newspaper published from Guwahati and Dibrugarh, Assam. With over 700,000 copies of current circulation and a readership of over 3 million, it is the highest circulated English daily in northeastern India.

They published the article Iggy the Inuit found to have roots in Mizoram, written by Zodin Sanga.

Iggy the Inuit found to have roots in Mizoram
Iggy the Inuit found to have roots in Mizoram @ The Assam Tribune.

Many thanks to the Mizoram online community!
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