Penumbra (2006 Tech Demo) Walkthrough

This walkthrough is for the Freeware 2006 Tech Demo of Penumbra, not for the (several) commercial versions of the game.

Penumbra (2006 Tech Demo) is a (small) horror adventure that was designed by Frictional games. The demo was so well accepted that it evolved into a full game.

For downloads and more info, please go to:

Felix Atagong's Unfinished Projects.

Penumbra in het Nederlands (Dutch language file).

Opgelet: deze file is enkel geldig voor de gratis 2006 tech demo versie van Penumbra, niet voor de (verschillende) coommerciële versies van het spel.

Sla de Dutch.lang file op in de Penumbra/redist/config folder.
Pas de taalparameter aan in de settings.cfg file: LanguageFile="Dutch.lang".
Deze file kan gerust geopend en aangepast worden in Notepad.
De (configuratie-)menus in Penumbra blijven in het Engels maar het spel zelf zal nu in het Nederlands verlopen.
Dutch.lang - versie 0.80 - 20.06.2006 (rechts klikken en 'opslaan als' kiezen)


The exit door is closed so you will have to find a new exit. At your right you see a locker. Open all lockers and watch / take everything that is inside. This is a fine way to get used to the different mouse and movement functions: right click to watch or investigate and get some info, left click to open, use, etc...

Once you have the glow light you can trigger it by pressing G, the light will come in handy to watch inside the lockers and to wander through the dark corridors that will follow.
One of the lockers has a written statement of a worker. Don't forget to read the second page, it gives you the entrance code of the electric door.

Try to open / investigate the left locker that is closed with a lock as well. This will trigger a note in your notebook; throughout the game notes will be added in your book to remind you what you have to do in order to finish the game. Look at the hatch in the ceiling.

Open the electric door.


Once you are in the corridor the lights will go out, the glow light comes in handy. The corridor has 3 doors to the left.

An open room contains a sturdy metal rod, lying on a crate. Door 4 leads to another powerless electrical door (#5) but using the right tool you can open it.


Door #5 behind you has closed and only a power restore can open it.

Downstairs to level -01.
On this level is the generator room with a backup generator that needs some fuel first. Lucky for you there is also a storage room that contains a gas can (and some dynamite and some batteries). You will have to find a way to take the gas can as it is on the top shelf.

Downstairs to -02.
On this level is a door that needs a special code and a key card to open. A note will be made in your notebook once you have found the door. As usual there are some goodies on a shelf. A table with two drawers contains a hose made of rubber and metal holds, flares, and dynamite.

Upstairs to -01.
Use the rubber hose and the fuel to start the generator. Electric doors and lights will work again.

Upstairs to 00.
Open the electric door. Go to the corridor and fix the broken entrance panel of door 1.

Vampire zone.

Hall 1.
It is smelly in here. A shelf contains a jar with some unidentified liquid.
Left door 1: WC, closed.
Left door 2: a storage room that contains some batteries.

Hall 2.
Left door is locked and, lucky for you, it cannot be opened.
Right door leads to a storage room with a power switch on the right wall. This power switch creates an electrical discharge above the door and it is worthwhile remembering that. Take a look at the backside of the room, not that it contains much that is of any use. Leave the room.
Try to survive. An easy way to get rid of the flying critter is described here.

Run to the opposite room, avoiding the vampire.
The beast will follow you.
Run immediately back to the storage room and pull the switch.
When the monster flies through the door it is electrocuted.

This is another way:

Immediately run backwards. Turn left to the wall and pull the switch.

And this is for adventurous people:

Kill the beast with dynamite. 3 to 5 sticks will be necessary.

Enter the vampire room. On a shelf is a tool for opening ventilation hatches. An electric door leads to a corridor.

Steamy corridor.

A tube blowing hot steam blocks the corridor. There are several ways to avoid the deadly steam:

  1. Go back to the main corridor and use the ventilation tool to open a ventilation hatch. Try to find the right hatch. It is located at the bottom of the wall.
  2. Find some switches to stop the steam running through the pipes. You may have to remove some things first.
  3. Use some material in the corridor to make a safe passage through or under the steam.

A door leads into a small broom room. Inside are two flares and a jar of smelly powder.

At the end of the corridor is an electric door; alas you have not the proper code. Suddenly a hatch in the ceiling falls open. Find a way to climb into the hatch.


Crawl through the pipes. Open the second ventilation hatch.


The workshop has several items. Some rusty and old equipment, a cutting tool on a table and an unknown machine that needs a power chord. On the floor between some garbage is an interesting paper containing an administrator access code. The tables have some drawers and these contain, as usual, some goodies. Take the dark corridor to the garage.


Of course the garage has an electrical power chord on top of a shelf. Use your imagination to grab the chord; the use of the garage facilities may come in handy. In the garage is a big elevator, but it is broken. Go back to the workshop and repair the unknown machine. Insert key pieces 1 and 2 and start it. You have a key.

With the administrator code you can leave the workshop. Go back to the corridor were you found the key pieces. A shortcut can be taken by using a hatch on the bottom wall in the 'steam' corridor. Go to the entrance first.


Open your inventory and combine the 2 half-empty jars into acid. Use the acid to burn the lock from the remaining locker, inside is a key card.

Door 2

Entering the room triggers a new vampire that will bust the door. You can barricade the door using the crates or, if you are quick enough, immediately leave the room by opening the hatch in the ceiling. The ventilation tubes lead you to another area.

Computer room

The computer has an important mail, containing some access codes. One of those is needed to leave the computer room into the corridor. Try to avoid the critter while running to the basement.

Basement -02

Open the door using the key card and the secret code.

Game over.

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