Iggy played guitar (2)

Oranges and Apples by The Trashcan Sinatras
Oranges and Apples by The Trashcan Sinatras.

A couple of weeks ago the Church signaled that The Trashcan Sinatras recorded a 6 minutes and 41 seconds single 'Oranges And Apples' commemorating Syd Barrett and his companion Iggy (Iggy played guitar).

The song is now available for download at the devil’s pit, better known as iTunes, but Amazon will follow as well. A percentage of every sale will be donated to The Syd Barrett Trust in support of arts in mental health. As far as the Church is aware of this is the only song that has a direct Iggy reference.


Evening sun in an English sky
Orange as the pigeons eye
No-one knew when you cycled by..

Oranges were made for you .... apples too, all made for you

Emily and the English Rose
Shining out the UFO
Hand in hand with your Eskimo

Oranges... they fell for you.. and the apples too.. all fell for you

Light shines through
Brightest of all was you
and i just don't know what i would do without your light

Green wheelbarrow, Bikes, red and blue
Orange drawers that winked at you
All the colours that fell from you

and all the things that you went through
and now everything is enhanced by you
and the oranges were made for you
and the apples too.. all made for you

© and (p) Trashcan Sinatras 2008

Update April 2017: replaced invalid YouTube link with a new one.