The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit wishes you...

Happy Igmas!
Happy Igmas. Original: Jenni Fiire. Adaptation: Felix Atagong.

...and don't do anything that Iggy wouldn't do.

Iggy Rose's Fantastic Birthday Bash! was a huge success with our dear Iggy literally not sleeping for two days because she didn't want to miss the hundreds of messages that came zooming in from all over the world.

Iggy may have been but a small footnote in the world of rock but to us and dozens of fans she is far more human than those with a 'I was awfully big in the Underground' attitude.

The above image is a variation on an original drawing from Jenni Fiire with advice, ideas, help and input from Amy Funstar, Brett Wilson & the Reverend. A very – very – very special hug goes to Libby Gausden, femme extraordinaire, Iggy's dearest friend and keeper of the holy flame that warms the hearts of all Syd Barrett admirers. And the jacket of course, let us not forget the jacket...

See you in 2012.