Happy Birthday Iggy!

Iggy always had a certain flair for pomp and circumstance and as such it never surprised us that she went out - with a bang - minutes before her birthday. And although there is sadness in our hearts we - as the Reverend of the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit - think that celebration is better than mourning. So move those chairs and tables and join us for our annual whoopee! But first:

Happy Birthday Iggy!
Birthday Greetings, Felix Atagong.
Jenni Fiire autoportrait (sort of)
Jenni Fiire autoportrait (sort of).

An Ongoing Tradition

Iggy’s online birthday festivities started in 2011 when there were those mythical groups around like Clowns & Jugglers, No Man's Land, Birdie Hop and other swoon rooms. It was artist and general pain-in-the-arse Jenni Fiire who organised the first Iggy Birthday Bash to show 'how much we love and appreciate her'. Hundreds of messages reached Iggy Rose that day.

2013 had multi-instrumentalist Rich Hall create a song about that wacky Church and its even wackier followers. Originally titled The Reverend, the song pretty well sums up what Iggy stood - and still stands - for, because In Iggy We Trust.



The Church wishes to thank Jenni Fiire, Rich Hall and everybody still reading this.
Catch Rich Hall's latest record at Bandcamp: In the summer, the sun never sets.
♥ Libby ♥ Iggy ♥