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Picture: © Chris Lanaway, 2010.

October 2021

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Not Now Jon

Animals 2018
Animals 2018, for 2022?


On the worldwide web, there is this huge Pink Floyd community, although we can't deny that the band's importance is dwindling from year to year. It needs to be said that the Floyd has tried to milk the fan’s wallets by issuing overpriced luxury box sets that invariably contain damaged Blu-rays, DVDs or CDs that the band refuses to replace.

The most important Floydian news nowadays is about the ongoing Roger Waters vs David Gilmour war. A long-awaited Animals reissue has been shelved for years because Roger Waters wanted to include an essay from Pink Floyd biographer Mark Blake and David Gilmour not. Waters gave in so we might still see an Animals re-release in 2022. Hopefully.

Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin

Recently the Waters-Gilmour war has been fought out by proxy. Jon Carin is a musician who has worked with Waters and Gilmour, but who fell out with the latter, probably over money matters. Carin started by minimising Rick Wright’s input on the three last Floyd albums, saying that he (Jon Carin) can be heard playing while the other (Rick Wright) gets the credits.


One example he gave is the track Marooned, from The Division Bell, credited to Wright and Gilmour. According to Carin the keyboards on that song are mainly his, and not Rick’s. David Gilmour retaliated by putting an early Marooned jam, called Cosmic 13, on the Pink Floyd YouTube page. It made fans wonder why this demo wasn’t included on The Later Years box that is getting less and less important (and value) now that Gilmour & Co have decided to individually release most of its ‘exclusive’ content.

Marooned aka Cosmic 13 (demo)

Yet Another Movie

This wasn’t all Jon Carin complained about. He put on his Facebook that Yet Another Movie was greatly influenced by him and that no demo of the song existed. Out of the blue, David Gilmour published a six minutes early jam of the track, recorded by him and Pat Leonard, without Jon Carin.

Yet Another Movie (demo)

It is not easy to dig deeper into the Jon Carin – David Gilmour feud. While Jon Carin’s Facebook is back – it was deleted for a while – we haven’t got a clue if his posts about David Gilmour are still visible. A massive Jon Carin – David Gilmour thread on the Steve Hoffman’s music forum has been deleted without warning and some people wonder if the Pink Floyd Gestapo had anything to do with that. Whether they like it or not it is censorship.

Luckily there still is a very interesting article ‘A History and Anatomy of Yet Another Movie', by Ed Lopez-Reyes, on the Publius Enigma fansite.

The big and so-called independent Pink Floyd fan-sites are very reluctant to discuss this subject, although a few of them have given some faint hints. Fuck all that.

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