The Cromwellian at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit:
1. Bend It! 
2. The Style Council 
3. Rod Harrod remembers The Crom 
4. Dr Death and other assorted figures... 
5. RIP Paul Lincoln (owner of the Cromwellian)
6. The Wrestling Beatle 
7. Cromwellian blog launched! 
8. Bend It (2013) 
9. Bend It (2015): New Iggy Picture Found 

The Emily Archer Cromwellian blog: The Cromwellian Club (unfortunately not updated since 2011).
The Sweet Jane Pop Boutique blog has an article about the Carrot-On-Wheels shop were the 'original' Bend-It plastic triangle dress could be bought for 13 gns: The Carrot On Wheels.

Our NME gallery contains hi-res scans from the Come with NME for a pic-visit to THE CROMWELLIAN article in New Musical Express 1037, 25 November 1966. Photographs by Napier Russell & Barry Peake. Words by Norrie Drummond.