Solo en las Nubes self-interviews (translated in English)
It is with great pleasure that the Reverend introduces a new contributor at the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit. Not only did Antonio Jesús live in the beautiful city of Cambridge but as editor of the slightly fantastic Spanish Syd Barrett blog Solo en las Nubes he has published several Autoentrevista or Self-Interviews with Barrett specialists, biographers and friends.
Felix Atagong: an honest man 
Warren Dosanjh, Syd Barrett's first manager 
Kiloh Smith Interview, hosted at Syd Barrett Pink Floyd
Lee Wood, the man who knows everything
Duggie Fields, much more than a room-mate 
Antonio Jesús Reyes, a new career in a new town 
Wondering and Dreaming (a self-interview with Ewgeni Reingold) 
John Cavanagh, so much to do, so little time 
Jose Ángel González, Spanishgrass & more 
Men On The Border, Syd Swedish version 

Other interviews
The Church has its own interview (or innerview) section, currently with interviews of Eva Wijkniet, Men on the Border, Peter Jenner, Carlton Sandercock, Twink and Fred Frith. Check the Innerview page for a full overview and its links.