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LAST UPDATED on Monday 7th April 2008

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April 7th 2008

Due to my wife and I expecting our firstborn this month, this site will have no further News items or additional pages added. It will however remain online until the subscription expires, as many kind people have expressed how important they believe this site to be on the wide Syd Barrett internet landscape. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and the website over the past year.



March 17th 2007 - Special Tribute for Syd Barrett to be held in London on May 10th

syd London's Barbican Hall hosts a special evening in May as a tribute to the late Syd Barrett. The event, on May 10th (the day before Roger Waters plays two nights at the capital's Earls Court as part of his DarkSide Of The Moon tour), promises special guests and rare film footage.

Billed as "Madcap's Last Laugh" the event kicks off at 7:30pm and forms part of The Barbican's Only Connect series, which sets out to explore the boundaries where music, film and art meet.

barbicanThis special homage, curated with Barrett's first producer Joe Boyd, is said to feature "many special guests" performing Syd’s songs as well as rare film footage, lighting effects and spoken word.

As to who the guests will be, and what footage will be included, we don't know, as this has not been announced.

Tickets for the event, priced at £15, £20 and £25, are now on sale through this special link, and more information on The Barbican itself can be found at

SPECIAL THANKS to Matt Johns at Brain Damage for the heads up on this one.

February 20th 2007 - Syd "Crosses" Painting Sold at Auction with Cheffins

I actually thought this piece would've had a much higher final price. Especially for the fact that it is reasonably well known in fan circles and was published in the Syd Barrett Book "A Fish Out of Water". Also the fact that it was auctioned off on it's own, meant prices could've gone crazy, but they didn't. I guess many people did not bother after the high prices paid for all the other artworks auctioned in November last year. The painting, titled "A Design for a Panel of Abstract Crosses", (which may have been Syd's early reflection on Christianity???), was auctioned by Cheffins on the 8th February. They were showing a guide price of between £4000 and £6000 and again included it as part of their Fine Art sale. Syd's piece went under the hammer and it sold for a total of £4000 (plus buyers fees). Barrett painted it in 1965 and gave it to his then girlfriend, Vivien Brans. Vivien living in Cambridge at the time later passed it on to her nephew, who still resides in Cambridge and he has put the item up for sale.

January 24th 2007 - New Roger Waters Interview talking about Syd Barrett's death

See the full transcription here>>>


January 23rd 2007 - Utica Tribute for Syd

Hot on the heels of the Aussie tribute show comes another tribute gig held for Syd Barrett in Utica, USA. Check out the forum for current reports, plus this fantastic range of photos taken by Kimberley Coccagnia of the amazing night here... Looks like an entertaining evening was had by all.


January 10th 2007 - Australia's Sydney Tribute Review and loads of Photos now on site

What an an amazing tribute night it was. See the full story here....


January 6th 2007 - Australia pays respects to Syd Barrett with a Tribute gig in Sydney Australia

Saturday the 6th January (right on Syd's birth date), The Hopetoun Hotel venue in Surry Hills, Sydney plays host to a tribute evening for Syd Barrett consisting of thirteen different bands playing various cover songs from this enigmatic artists very illustrious music catalogue. The night promises to be a powder keg of well rehearsed and dynamic Syd Barrett cover material as well as celebrating his life and wonderful creative force. Come along to pay respect to rock's most innovative and original singer songwriters. The evening will also be filmed for a future DVD release, slated for a possible release later in the year. The gig gets underway at 8pm, The Hopetoun Hotel, Bourke Street, Surry Hills and tickets are available at the door for only $10 per person.


January 1st 2007 - Watch David Gilmour's version of Dark Globe and David Bowie's Arnold Layne

You can select your preferred format and connection speed (Super Speed, for very fast broadband, is near VHS quality) to view the cracking live video of Arnold Layne, featuring David Bowie now via David's website. David Gilmour's impromptu acoustic rendition of Syd Barrett's touching song, Dark Globe, was recorded in July 2006 and dedicated to the memory of his old friend, who had recently passed away. A video of this wonderfully performed song may also be viewed now via David's Official website

David Bowie's website also reports that the Bowie/Gilmour version of Arnold Layne will receive its first terrestrial TV airing on BBC TWO's TOTP2 in the UK at 5:05pm on Saturday January 6th. Don't miss that one UK Pipers.



December 18th 2006 - Piper at the Gates of Dawn in full on Australian National Radio Station, Triple J

Dave from Midnight Hysteria has just notified Linda from Cracker Factory Music, that Triple J will be playing Piper at the Gates of Dawn in it's entirety as part of its Classic albums show. Here is the link

There is an ad on Triple J saying "Piper" is going to be played in full Monday night from 9pm. Linda also mentioned, "I think we are able to ring through and comment or post on the guestbook".


December 8th 2006 - Sydney Tribute Gig for Syd to be held on 6th January 2007

To see full details of this amazing tribute gig coming up very soon in Australia which is to be filmed and produced for a possible DVD release please click here on this dedicated page >>>

December 1st 2006 - Cambridge Evening News Report

BIDDERS paid £10,500 for the privilege of riding off on Syd Barrett's two bicycles - but the late rock star's art works fetched more than £55,000.

See more here...

November 29th 2006 - Auction Results

As expected Syd Barrett's artwork fetched some amazing prices. I have e-mailed Cheffins for the final prices on all items so will hopefully post them here soon. Unfortunately it sounds like many people were very disappointed with the Ebay LiveAuction feature not loading properly, keeping many people from bidding on these amazing Syd Barrett pieces of history! It is difficult to say, but perhaps this online fault kept prices below what they might have otherwise reached. I have set up a page with the summary and final price list thanks to the help of Steve Bassett. Click here to see all of the amazing final prices:

The BBC and Times also have a brief report on the Auction.,,2-2479055.html


November 28th 2006 - David Gilmour to release tribute single

As we all wonder when Pink Floyd will reform for a tribute concert in honour of their recently departed friend, David Gilmour is about to release an EP of Arnold Layne as a tribute to his former busking friend, Syd Barrett. Maybe if the Floyd boys do finally reunite for a tribute concert with some other appreciative artists in 2007, a fitting backdrop might be on the grassy banks of Grantchester Meadows as the River Cam flows gently, and it could perhaps be held on the 7th July.

November 27th 2006 - Auction Update

As some of us prepare to bid and empty our wallets, The Cambridge Evening News reports on Syd's artwork and personal possessions stirring up a worldwide magic in the Auction to be held on the 29th November.

November 20th 2006 - Syd Barrett Auction items fully listed

Apart from Syd's cute little Christmas tree, there are now over 70 items listed for the Auction.

Click here >>>

November 11th 2006 - Signed Book Winner

The winner of our Signed Crazy Diamond book competition is Jon Edmondson from California in the USA. His stunning illustration (pictured above) in the style of a children's story book shows Syd in more recent times, indulging in some of his own artwork in his much loved backyard in Cambridge. He is being inspired by some very cheeky gnomes, no doubt playing one of his famous tunes. I think Syd would have enjoyed seeing this fantastic piece of artwork. Congratulations Jon, your Signed book is in the post.

November 10th 2006 - Syd Barrett's Will

The late Syd Barrett has apparently left more than 1.25 million pounds to his near and dear ones in his will. See the full report here Thanks to Emily from LA for the heads up on this recent News.

October 22nd 2006 - Calling all Australian Music Artists for Syd Barrett Tribute in Sydney

A tribute evening to be held in memory of Syd Barrett is planned for the 6th January (Syd's birthday) 2007 at The Hopetoun in Sydney Australia. Some bands have already confirmed and include the following, The Fragments, Altona, Belles Will Ring, Astral Kaleidoscope, Simon Holmes (Hummingbirds), Tom Stone and the Soldiers of Fortune, The Meek. Also waiting for confirmation from Azaria, Dappled Cities Fly and Midnight Hysteria. Plus we are currently contacting You am I, Vanlustbader and The Panics to hopefully get them involved with this tribute. So this is a call for more artists who may be interested in this tribute night playing Syd Barrett material to perform their favourite Barrett cover song or tribute song. The night will be filmed for a future Worldwide DVD release aimed at raising funds for the Syd Barrett Memorial Project. It will also be fantastic publicity for all Australian bands looking to venture into the international arena. If you are interested in performing at this special tribute gig then please contact Linda at Cracker Factory Music on

October 21st 2006 - Tribute to Syd Barrett in Frome on Friday night

Memorial Gig for Syd Barrett 1946 -2006. "The Madcap Laughs His Last Laugh". Cheese and Grain, Frome, Friday October 27th 2006, 8pm to 12:00 midnight.  Tickets £5 from the Cheese and Grain, 01373 455420 - please phone to order in advance!
On the evening there will be acts: Local bands Tusker, Fusion and Al Dickenson (Solo Guitarist from Leeds)  and Andy Broad (Acoustic Blues Guitar) .  While there is not a "Tribute Band" all of the artists will be playing a selection of Syd's songs.
To commemorate his life we are celebrating for him some music which inspired his musical talents. "Meeting Syd was an experience I shall never forget"
From Pete D'arby
Friend and fan.

October 6th 2006 - BT Digital Music Awards Results

Just want to say thank you to all who voted for Astral Piper in the BT Digital Music awards recently and to all who have visited this site. We came 171st among the TOP 200 world-wide. David Gilmour's site came in 21st, but more importantly we came in ABOVE Janet Jackson's site at 172 in the TOP 200. In fact we beat loads of other well known artist websites, including Ronan Keating, Blink 182, Robbie Williams, BoyKillBoy, and even Mariah Carey. To see the results, the TOP 10 and other sites which came in ABOVE us click this link >>>

October 4th 2006 - The Daily telegraph UK ran a brief report on the Memorial plans

The following story although brief made the UK's National paper The Daily telegraph today. Thanks for the scan MCS.


October 3rd 2006 - Cambridge Evening News runs story on our Society and its plans

The Cambridge Evening News, has an article on page three of it's Newspaper today, reporting on the sale of Syd's home plus a story about Astral Piper, The New Syd Barrett Appreciation Society and it's future proposal to place a Syd Barrett Memorial Sculpture in Cambridge. The Newspaper's website is also running an online poll asking people's opinion on whether a Memorial for Syd Barrett should be placed in Cambridge. Please click on the CEN site to see the article and also to vote which may also help our Society's plans to bring the Syd Barrett Memorial Sculpture to fruition. Thank you. Please Click here >>>

October 1st 2006 - Orphans benefit from Concert for Syd Barrett later this month

 A TRIBUTE concert in memory of Syd Barrett is to be held by a friend from his Cambridge days. Pete Darby met the Pink Floyd guitarist in 1964 outside a boutique in Red Lion Square in the city. They were later neighbours in London as the rock star made his second solo album. The concert is at 8pm on October 27 at the Cheese and Grain in Frome. All proceeds will go to an orphanage in Kenya. For more information please visit The Cambridge Evening News website here >>>

Thanks to Emily, our Piper Forum member from LA for the heads up on this News.


September 22nd 2006 - The Mystery Jets band members take the tour also

With his house and possessions up for auction The Music Week took Syd Barret fans The Mystery Jets for a look. Lucky chaps! Thanks to Steve Bassett for the news on this. Have a look at the photos etc here

September 21st 2006 - BBC video tour of Roger Barrett's home

The BBC recently took a tour through Syd Barrett's home in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge which is currently on the market. Very interesting to say the least. A few of us are already showing interest in the hippo doorknob. Thanks to Jade on our forum for the heads up on this link. Have a look here


September 14th 2006 - Barrett family give their approval to Astral Piper website and planned Memorial Project

I would like to personally thank Ian Barrett (Syd Barrett's nephew) for contacting Alan and Rosemary Barrett for me regarding our intentions as The New Syd Barrett Appreciation Society in building a proposed Memorial Sculpture in honour of Roger (Syd) Barrett in the near future. I received a reply e-mail recently from Alan and Rosemary Barrett stating their approval for a proposed Syd Barrett Memorial Sculpture in honour of their brother. The e-mail from them may be read on the now updated Syd Memorial page here


September 12th 2006 - New edition of Crazy Diamond Biography out now

Please visit my recently created page regarding this facinating new release by Mike and Pete. The book includes a warm and touching chapter surrounding Roger's passing, as well as an updated and interesting "Where are they now?" section. Plus you have a chance to WIN a Signed copy of the new book. Click on this page >>>


September 6th - Happy Birthday Roger Waters

Many happy returns to Roger Waters who celebrates his 63rd birthday today. He was born George Roger Waters in Great Bookham, Surrey near Leatherhead, but grew up in Cambridge from age two where he would meet his fellow bandmatesAlthough his father Eric Fletcher Waters had been a Communist and ardent pacifist, he fought in World War II and died in action at Anzio in 1944, when Roger was only five months old. Waters would refer or allude to the loss of his father throughout most of his later work. However, he has said that the mother character from The Wall album was nothing like his own. Distrust of authority, particularly government, educational, and military institutions, is a recurring theme in Waters' writing. This theme is clearly expressed in "When the Tigers Broke Free" as Waters expresses what he felt was a hollow and patronizing response to his father's sacrifice at Anzio. He and Syd Barrett attended the Morley Memorial Junior School on Hills Road, Cambridge, and later both attended the Cambridge County School for Boys (now Hills Road Sixth Form College), while fellow band member David Gilmour attended The Perse School on the same road. He met Nick Mason and Richard Wright while attending the Regent Street Polytechnic school of architecture. He was a keen sportsman and was fond of swimming in the River Cam at Grantchester Meadows. Happy Birthday Roger.


September 2nd 2006 - Roger Barrett's Home now up for sale

The same people who brought us the News of Syd's possessions going up for Auction have now put his home up for sale. The advertisement for his house in Cherry Hinton, South Cambridge shows various pictures of the house as well as the large backyard. Viewings are by appointment only and the guide price is GBP 300,000 although I expect it will fetch a much higher final price than this. The full advert and further details of this property may be found at the dedicated Cheffins Residential page here >>>

Thanks again to Cheffins for the updated News.


August 23rd 2006 - Contents of Syd's home up for Auction in November this year

The final possessions of Roger (Syd) Barrett are to be auctioned in Cambridge later this year. Among the items set to go under the hammer are pieces of artwork from the Pink Floyd founder (some signed), which have never been seen before. Also up for sale are his two bikes, which were hand painted by the former star, who lived out much of the last 30 years of his life in solitude in Cambridge. In a statement, Cheffins Auctioneers commented: "The auction will consist of items left by Syd in his Cambridge house. "Both his bikes, which he had used every day in Cambridge for visits to the local shops and pub were hand painted by Syd and will be included in this sale as will several pieces of furniture which Syd customised or made himself. "He was passionate about, although not always competent at, DIY. Other items will include the easel, paints and paint table which Syd used regularly to paint. "History of art and art were his great loves and this is seen in his artwork, his library and his writings, some of which were to be the foundations of an Art History book Syd wanted to write.

Martin Millard from Cheffins has kindly sent me a few photos of some of the items which will be auctioned. A few images of some of Roger's (Syd's) possessions may be seen on the Mystic Gems page here...


"The sale will also include other lots of various books, homemade speakers and a classical guitar." The auction takes place at Cheffins Auctioneers fine art sale on November 29 and 30. For more updated info see

Thanks to Yahoo Music for the original report.




August 18th 2006 - Mick Rock to compere Syd Barrett tribute show in London next month

"Eat Your Own Ears and Mystery Jets present 'What Colour Is Sound', a tribute to Syd Barrett at The Union Chapel in London on the 18th September. Tribute bands will include MYSTERY JETS, TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, DANIEL TREACY, KID HARPOON, LUMPEN CROOK, and MICK ROCK plus VERY special guests! 'What Colour Is Sound' is a tribute to Syd by some of those who have found him a great inspiration on their music and life with all profit going to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This special event is scheduled to take place on Monday 18th September. Doors open at 7pm for The Union Chapel, Compton Terrace, London N1 2UN. The Union Chapel is a unique, beautifully acoustic and baroque environment, so this promises to be a great evening!

Tickets £10.50 from: Tel: 08700 600 100 0870 060 3777 and

Photographer and friend of Syd, MICK ROCK will compere the evening as well as tell some stories and memories.


August 14th 2006 - Syd Barrett Tribute at Grantchester Meadows this weekend

I received an e-mail from Joanna Curwood (event organiser) confirming this exciting event will take place in Grantchester Meadows on Sunday August 20th from 2pm in a field behind the Green Man Pub. Directions will be signposted on the day. The general idea of the day is for a few people to get up and do whichever Syd solo/Floyd song they want in whatever  manner they feel fit. This part of the day will be scheduled, so anyone who fancies doing a couple of numbers please contact the event organiser, Joanna Curwood at to see which songs have been taken. As for the rest of the afternoon, you'll have to come along and see. BBQ's, picnics, photographs, music, and more music...perhaps even some Floyd video footage if the sun does not hinder viewing. Steve Bassett, our website's UK correspondent and my close friend will be interviewing Joanna and taking pictures on the day. Rumour has it that Astral Piper members will be travelling far and wide to go to this event. I cannot get a flight from Australia at such short notice, so if anybody has a decent camcorder, it would be great to see some footage from the day! If you can, please use a tripod and record sound. Seriously though if you can get along with a camcorder on the day, please e-mail me at as I am very keen to see the day and it's events, and possibly use the footage at a later date.


August 5th 2006 - High School Photograph of Roger Barrett

Forum member Icarusdaedalus posted a couple of photos onto our now very active Forum depicting a very young Roger Barrett from his High School days. To see both images please visit the Forum. Photo is actually courtesy of Ben Rayner, who writes as a music critic for the Toronto Star and whose father went to school with Roger Barrett.

August 4th 2006 - Syd Barrett tribute at Grantchester

FANS of Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett are invited to take part in a mass musical tribute. Student Joanna Curwood is planning a meet-up in Grantchester Meadows which she hopes will become the scene for a celebratory sing-a-long. The free event is expected to draw fans of Syd and Pink Floyd to play his songs and remember their hero. I just hope somebody takes along a video-camera to this wonderful event! For the full story >>>

August 3rd 2006 - Syd's family welcomes outpouring of support from public

The volume of tributes to Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett has been overwhelming, says his sister. Rosemary Breen has been inundated with cards and letters of support from fans all over the world. Many are also still making pilgrimages to the star's former home in St Margaret's Square, Cambridge, to leave flowers and even banners outside. Countless more tributes have been made by leading figures in the world of music, but the outpouring of emotion is something Mrs Breen, who lives near Cambridge, thinks her elder brother would have found highly amusing. She said: "He would think it was all very funny". Read the full story here >>>

August 2nd 2006 - UNCUT releases Syd Barrett tribute edition

The new September issue of UNCUT mag lays on a thirteen page spread, with a large selection of pictures from his friend Mick Rock and others, alongside a celebration of his life and music from those who knew, loved and were inspired by him. The feature centres on an indepth look at Barrett and his life, written by David Cavanagh. An intelligent and searching article, it draws on numerous sources from over the years to investigate the man and the myth. Elsewhere, photographer Mick Rock recalls his friendship with Syd, referring to him as "a bizarre and beautiful man", and gives some intimate insights into Barrett. Also on offer are tributes to him from the likes of David Bowie, producer Joe Boyd, early managers Peter Jenner and Andrew King, Blur's Damon Albarn, and Ray Davies from The Kinks. Thanks to Matt Johns for the heads up and words on this one. For more info click


August 2nd 2006 - New Issue of Record Collector features Syd Barrett tribute

As the music world mourns Syd Barrett's death, record Collector takes a look at his life and career, and celebrates his greatest rarities with a discography of classic Syd releases in its new September edition. An in depth feature into one of pyshedelia's greatest legends, it also looks at Syd's last ever live performances in 1972, and the planned restoration of the much bootlegged Scarecrow film. This special Syd Barrett Issue, Number 327 is on sale tomorrow in the UK and should be a very engaging read. Special thanks to Record Collector for providing with a special preview file of this edition and also for considering us worthy enough to add us to the top of their links page. They are also interested in doing a story on Astral Piper and its Society. The magazine and more information is also available via

July 29th 2006 - Syd Barrett Tribute Show in London tonight

Three bands are to dedicate this Saturday night to Syd Barrett. One of these is the mindblowing early Floyd (Syd era) tribute from Interstellar Overcoat live this Saturday at 10pm. The Technicolor dream party on Sat 29 July, comprises three Psychedelic bands from the golden era of pop music. Headline act none other than the legendary Crazy World of Arthur Brown who had a hit record in 1968 with ‘Fire’ and an outstanding top 20 LP on Track records. Instant Flight a great new Psychedelic/Pop band from London have a new LP out and are making a good impression on the London gig scene, expect a cool set here too. Interstellar Overcoat are an amazingly authentic tribute to the late great Syd Barrett era of London legends Pink Floyd who sadly passed away earlier this month. Expect to hear the first album complete with all the crazy sound effects plus all the early Floyd singles ‘See Emily play’, ‘Arnold Lane’ etc and a few of Syd’s late 60’s early 70’s solo efforts. The Floyd along with the Soft Machine was instrumental in the development of the London Psychedelic sound with UFO and Middle Earth club nights. After the bands Dr Robert & guest Liam Hughes from ‘Watch your step’ and Marcus 'the Novelty' will spin fab underground 6t’s dance music till 3am on chunky black vintage vinyl. Venue 2, 229 Great Portland Street, London W1- Doors 9pm-3am/ Adm £10. More at following link >>>



July 29th 2006 - Updated Crazy Diamond book due for release in September

I received exclusive News today in an e-mail direct from original co-author Pete Anderson. His message stating that the book Crazy Diamond by Mike Watkinson and himself will be fully revised and re-released in September of this year. The book has been updated to cover the period since it was first published in the 1990s and obviously with great sadness since Syd's recent death. Included will be exclusive interviews with members of the family and a full account of Syd's funeral. Amazon have no mention of the book as yet but we will let you know as soon as exact release information is available. A full review will be available soon and Astral Piper has been promised a preview copy to give away as a prize on this site.


July 28th 2006 - Happy Birthday to Richard Wright

Many happy returns for today and best wishes to Richard Wright, who celebrates his 63rd birthday today the 28th July 2006. 
Richard was born in Hatch End, London, in 1943, (not 1945 as often mis-printed). His parents, Bridie and Cedric Wright had two other children, Selina and Guinvere. He quickly developed an interest in jazz and classical piano. At art school, he met Nick Mason and Roger Waters. They formed a band, with Wright on keyboards, Mason on drums, and Waters handling the bass guitar. Initially they played R&B, but none of them were particularly happy playing that style. When guitarist Syd Barrett joined, the direction changed dramatically, becoming Britiains most well known pioneers in psychedelia. I personally feel Richard goes very under-rated as a contributor to the Pink Floyd sound and has made a distinct timeless contribution to the band's music. He is also currently performing on David Gilmour's On An Island tour. Rick's solo album Broken China was also very moving and a brilliant piece of solo music in my opinion. Richard is also renound for saying it is a dream of his that Syd Barrett would one day walk into his room and say I'm ready to play again. Huge pity that dream never came true! Happy Birthday dear Richard.


July 27th 2006 - Gilmour plays Dark Globe song for Syd Barrett at Clam Castle in Austria gig

David's Summer European dates opened in the beautiful and highly atmospheric venue of Clam Castle in Austria, evoking mixed emotions.
The first half of the show was performed in daylight, slowly giving way to dusk, a perfect setting for the ebb and flow of the On an Island songs, starting with an introduction in German from David.

By nightfall, the second half was underway, the stellar musicianship and lights made more special by the addition of two surprise songs.
Straight after Shine On You Crazy Diamond, David led the band into Astronomy Domine, penned by Roger 'Syd' Barrett and sung on the first Pink Floyd album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, by Syd and Richard Wright. Immediately after this song, David performed an entirely solo acoustic rendition of Syd's Dark Globe, in a rendition that provoked spontaneous applause from band and crew. "A song for and by our old friend Syd Barrett" said David, although for once the music did say it all. Thanks to for this wonderful information relating to David's moving tribute to Syd.

July 27th 2006 - Syd Barrett Tribute Concert in Cambridge

There's going to be a Syd Barrett tribute gig tonight Thursday 27/07/06 at the Portland Arms 129 Chesterton Rd Mitchams Corner CB4 3BA. It is also being held in aid of Cancer Research. If anybody went to this gig or has further details please contact me at


July 27th 2006 - MOJO Magazine to feature tribute to Syd

The upcoming edition of highly regarded Mojo Magazine is to dedicate its September edition to Syd Barrett. It will feature many musicians who remember Syd and celebrate his life within the magazine. Included are The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elton John, Paul Weller, The Damned, and Wayne Cramer of The MC5. Mojo should be a really good read. They always manage to bring something new (including Rare photos) to the otherwise re-gurgitated Syd Barrett story. Click here to see more details of tributes which have obviously rolled in after close of editing >>> 
July 26th 2006 - Syd's nephew Ian Barrett makes comment on forum

Ian Barrett said... "I will store many of these comments away in my heart when I travel to Cambridge next week. It will be with a truly heavy heart I will make the journey - but the love you all felt for him will lift it and help the day become one of love and thanksgiving Thank you to each and every one of you. it is such a surreal experience to share my Uncle's passing with you all. I don't know whether to laugh or cry."

Read a quote of  Ian's fully posted comment at the bottom of this Astral Piper page >>>


July 22nd 2006 - BBC to Air Syd Barrett Tribute

BBC2 TV are to broadcast a 50 minute long tribute program to the late Syd Barrett on Thursday 27th July 2006 at 11:20pm to 12:10am. The BBC 2 website lists the program as: Syd Barrett - Crazy Diamond: A moving account of Barrett's disintegration and struggle with the demons in his head. Members of Pink Floyd describe how he still haunts their lives and music. It is broadcast in wide screen and has sub titles. This is a repeat of the original 2001 aired programme and not a freshly edited tribute.

July 22nd 2006 - UK Actor Darryl Read writes poem for Roger Barrett

Well known Actor Darryl Read, and longtime Syd Barrett fan has sent in a beautiful poem written for Roger Barrett. Click this link to read this intimate and intricate piece of poetry >>>


July 21st 2006 - Condolances left for Syd Barrett

I have noticed over 1000 people have left Condolances on this site for Syd Barrett within the Guestbook. I have set up a special page for Condolances, so could you please leave your respects there instead of the Guestbook. Thank you.

July 20th 2006 - Lost Syd Barrett film found in ITN archives

Previously unseen footage of Syd Barrett from his Pink Floyd days has been discovered, just one week after his death. The 1967 film is soundtracked by the Pink Floyd song The Scarecrow. It appears to be all the wild rushes shot for this video-clip and this new footage was found in the vaults of British TV news broadcaster ITN. The Promo video was aired once in 1967, but the outtakes have never been screened before. An insider says, "This is a real find and it's one of the few times Syd was filmed in colour during his time with Pink Floyd. The outtake footage makes it all the more valuable. The film will be screened in London later this year, following a digital restoration. Thanks to forum member Jugband Jim for the heads up on this one. See the link here >>>

July 20th 2006 - NME feature on Syd Barrett

The new issue of NME includes a tribute piece upon the news of Syd Barrett's death and its effect on the rest of Pink Floyd. Also included is a brief history of his life, comments and memories from other musicians, fan tributes, a list of tracks inspired by Syd, and the highlights of Nick Kent's 1974 NME article about Syd Barrett. Thanks to Keith at Neptune Pink Floyd for contacting our Astral Piper online forum regarding this release.

July 19th 2006 - Syd Barrett laid to rest

A touching note left for Syd Barrett from the close friends and neighbours in his street. It brought back all the sadness for us once again as Roger (Syd) Barrett was laid to rest at the Cambridge Crematorium. Read the full news article here at The Cambridge Evening News website >>>

July 17th 2006 - Syd's sister Rosemary gives new interview to the Sunday Times

The untimely death of Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett on July 7th, continues to dominate the news. For the first time since 1995 (Luca Ferrari's interview for his Italian Book A Fish Out of Water), Syd's sister Rosemary (2 years younger than him) has given an interview to author Tim Willis, which was published in the UK's Sunday Times this morning. It provides several fascinating insights into the truth behind the man, from one of the few people who knew him intimately, and visited or spoke to him on the phone, on a daily basis. Of special interest are Rosemary's comments upon Syd's mental condition. Something I myself have personally believed all along. In the article, she describes her brother as "a loving man who 'simply couldn’t understand' the continued interest in his distant Pink Floyd years and was too absorbed in his own thoughts to spare time for fans". She is adamant that he neither suffered from mental illness nor received treatment for it at any time since they resumed regular contact 25 years ago. Read the full interview here >>>,,2092-2271741,00.html

July 15th 2006 - Syd's depature

I have created a separate NEWS page reporting upon all the events linked to Syd Barrett's recent passing.

The page is titled Syd's Departure. Click here >>>


July 14th 2006 - Condolances flooding in

I have set up a page where you can leave special comments and pay your final respects to Syd Barrett

Please click here >>>


July 11th 2006 - Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett's Death Announced

In a short official statement issued today Roger's brother Alan Barrett announced that Roger had passed away peacefully at home on Friday July 7th 2006.
The news, also stated
that there will be a private, family funeral. Roger had been suffering from diabetes for several years now, and had been living his life quietly alone in the south of Cambridge, England. His family confirmed that his passing was due to complications caused by the diabetes.

I awoke this morning to learn on Breakfast Television, the very sad news that Roger (Syd) Barrett had passed away. I simply did not want to believe it, and to be honest I'm still not sure it has truly sunk in. I would like to thank all the kind people who have sent some very warm and caring e-mails already. This site had so many visits today that it froze for several hours. Nice to know there are so many caring people and fans out there.
Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to his family and friends during this very difficult time. Roger (Syd) Barrett will be remembered with much love and affection, and his amazing body of music will live on in our souls forever.

Updates and a dedicated Tribute page regarding this sad news will follow shortly.

Below is one of the early paintings I made of Syd in 1995



July 5th 2006 - Lots, lots, lots to see here soon!!!

This is just a quick note to all of you die-hard mad keen Pipers, that I am back from my overseas holiday, but am currently packing my bags for work related travel within Australia which will take me away from home and this PC for another 2 weeks. Upon my return I will be placing loads of new items on this site, including a very interesting interview with Duggie Fileds, which will include rare photos inside Syd Barrett's flat in Wetherby Mansions. Also some photos and reviews from the 3 utterly amazing David Gilmour shows I attended in the UK (including getting to attend the after-show party back-stage of The Royal Albert Hall), plus loads more. Watch this space!



April 20th - Winner of our Under Review DVD Competition

Cecilia Hogkvist - Piper_0283 is the winner in this months Under Review DVD Competition. Cecilia provided a wonderful painting which was actually painted directly onto the wall in her home, plus all questions were answered correctly. Congratulations Cecilia! The painting and work in progress photos are shown in full on the Under Review DVD page.


April 18th - Audience goes wild as Richard Wright sings Arnold Layne with David Gilmour at gig in California

On the night of April 17 2006, at the USA venue - OAKLAND PARAMOUNT THEATRE, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, David Gilmour decided to surprise his audience with a 2006 version of Arnold Layne, with Richard Wright singing Syd's vocals. I could hardly believe my eyes when I read the news! What a lovely surprise seeing them pull out this Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd classic!

What the fans said...

"...Then we got a HUGE surprise....ARNOLD LAYNE! They actually played Arnold Layne. The whole crowd went wild..."

"...Then...they bust out Arnold Layne which was very cool and when done, David said that "we've never played that one before but it was the first song we recorded" referring to his band and The Floyd respectively..."

"...and the surprise of the night where they played Arnold Layne with Rick singing Syd's vocals...."

Above Quotes thanks to the Brain Damage website.

David and Richard Take a Trip Down Memory Layne
The David Gilmour tour continues to surprise audiences with changes to the setlist. In addition to starting the show with Breathe followed by Time and Breathe (reprise), David and his band gave Oakland, California, a welcome return to yesteryear with a performance of Arnold Layne featuring Richard Wright on vocals. The song, written by Syd Barrett, was Pink Floyd's first UK hit, charting in March 1967 and peaking at Number 20. Pink Floyd themselves haven't played the song live since around 1969, so it couldn't have been more unexpected for the crowds at Oakland's Paramount Theatre last night.
Quote thanks to David Gilmour's Official website.


April 10th 2006 - The Redfern Report

Photographs and a very nice review of the exhibition which housed many early, rare prints of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett are now up ripe and ready for your viewing pleasure. Click here to see the special report.


April 3rd 2006 - Happy Birthday Astral Pipers

I cannot believe a year has already passed since this new website was launched onto the web. The site has steadily grown, and members have joined our New Syd Barrett Appreciation Society from all round the planet. I am happy to announce that the site will run for at least another year, although with more and more work commitments my time here will be slightly restricted. The new forum is going incredibly well with regular posts and constant visitors. A huge thank you to all who have joined and supported this great Society, as well as contributed in some form or another. Astral Piper t-shirts have not sold in the numbers I had originally hoped, in fact I have only sold just over a dozen. This has not even covered my production costs, let alone being enough for funding a Syd Barrett tribute sculpture. Oh well, if it takes us 10 years as a Society to raise the money, then so be it. Happy Birthday, Astral Pipers, and thanks to Syd (Roger) Barrett for cutting the cake for us!

March 30th 2006 - Winner of the London 66-67 DVD and Astral Piper T-shirt

The lucky winner of our London 66-67 DVD Competition was Courtney Lewis, Piper_0293 from London, England. Several entries were received (many last minute) for this quiz, and the standards were high with most people getting all the questions correct. I thought Courtney's painting was brilliant and truly captured the soul of Syd on canvas (pictured above). Courtney your DVD and T-shirt are already in the post! Although many entries were received for this particular competition, entries remain quite low for the other competitions currently running on this site. So if you have not already entered, please do so, as you will clearly be in with a very good chance of winning. Please see the Navigator bar to the left for other contests.


March 6th 2006 - Happy 60th Birthday David Gilmour

David not only celebrates his 60th birthday today, but also the UK release day of his brand new album On An Island. David Jon Gilmour was born on the 6th March 1946 in Cambridge. He grew up in Grantchester Meadows, an affluent housing estate along the banks of the River Cam in Cambridgeshire. Gilmour met Syd Barrett while attending the Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology where they spent their lunchtimes learning the guitar. They were not, however, bandmates yet, and Gilmour started playing in the band Joker's Wild in 1963. Gilmour left Joker's Wild in 1966 and formed a new band with some of its members. This band, firstly named Bullitt, later changing their name to Flowers, spent the rest of 1966 and most of 1967 playing in Spain and France, before disbanding later that year. Gilmour was asked to join Pink Floyd in January of the following year. Barrett "left" the group only months later and Gilmour assumed the role of the band's lead guitarist and shared vocal duties with Roger Waters and Richard Wright. The rest of David's history with Pink Floyd is not only legendary and lengthy but also very complex.
Having released his last solo effort way back in 1984, David's On An Island is released in the UK today (6th March), on the 7th March in the USA and 11th March in Australia. For more information about this exciting release visit

 March 1st 2006 - April Edition of MOJO and Q magazine

I have just finished reading the latest issue of MOJO magazine. A huge applause must go to Phil Sutcliffe and Mark Sturdy who have put together two wonderfully in depth articles about David Gilmour and Syd Barrett. It was really refreshing to read two articles that did not have the usual re-hash of old knowledge from days gone by. The new interview with David Gilmour (conducted at the time of completing David's new On An Island album) has to be the most revealing interview David has ever given. The questions coming from interviewer Phil Sutcliffe were clearly well researched and David opens right up about several previously unknown Floyd related issues. Following the massive David Gilmour spread is Mark Sturdy's intelligently written article about Syd's final attempts at performing in Cambridge. Oh what I wouldn't give to have been at the Dandelion Café for those brief performances. Let's just hope the recordings see the light of day one day. I won't say too much more about the two articles other than, both are brilliant, refreshing, and certainly the most enjoyable Music Magazine articles I have read in ages. Of particular interest in the David Gilmour interview was David's keeness to pay a visit to his dear friend Syd Barrett sometime soon. There is also a very Piper influenced Psychedelic CD with the mag, so very good value this Mojo. Thanks must go to John Elliott (Piper_0005) for getting me a copy of  April's Mojo well before it hits the News stands here in Australia. The latest Q magazine also has a brief yet interesting article on David Gilmour's new album.

February 25th 2006 - Photographic Exhibition featuring Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd images

Currently on exhibition in London at Redferns Music Picture Gallery, is "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". This is a new Photographic Exhibition featuring behind the scene pictures and life on the road images of Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Rick Wright, David Gilmour and of course the enigmatic Syd Barrett. Credited photographers are Amalie R. Rothschild, Andrew Whittuck, Baron Wolman, Chris Walter, Mick Rock and Vic Singh to name a few. The exhibition explores the pictorial life and legacy of the band, showcasing around forty key images, along with memorabilia, from their history. The gallery, located just around the corner from the BBC Television Centre, was set up in conjunction with Redferns Music Picture Library, the most comprehensive library in the UK. Thanks to Matt Johns at Brain Damage for this breaking News.


February 11th 2006 - New Forum for Astral Pipers

I have just activated a new forum for all of us to post messages, contact each other, discuss Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd and more! This came about after several requests from Astral Piper members tired of clogging up the Guest Book. Here you go Pipers, it is brand new, so be the first to post a topic, ask a question, post a message, etc etc... ENJOY!

Click here >>>


February 10th 2006 - New book to be released featuring Syd Barrett's Early Pink Floyd

A new book focusing on the formative years of the Floyd is coming on 9th October this year. "Pink Floyd: The Early Years" is being written by Barry Miles. Miles saw the band play when they were still called "The Pink Floyd Sound" and he wrote the first ever article about them for a New York underground newspaper in 1966.He also knew the band members socially, witnessed the rapid decline of Syd Barrett and became actively involved in setting up some of Floyd's major gigs.The book promises an "authentic and compelling story of the group that gave alternative London its first real soundtrack and launched on the rock world a radical combination of music, light shows and pyrotechnic stage effects, a revealing diary of Pink Floyd's daily routine, from their roots in Cambridge to cult status in Sixties London." It covers the period of their career right up to Dark Side Of The Moon, and we've been assured that it is going to be lavishly illustrated with a large number of unusual, early shots of the band. As and when further information is available, we will let you know. A huge Thankyou to Matt Johns of Brain Damage and is ever reliable up to the minute resources for the heads up on this exciting news.


January 28th 2006 - Photos and a Full list of Astral Piper Members is now viewable

I have just completed a FULL list of all current members joined from around the world, plus photographs which have been sent in from a few of you. To see the huge list please visit the Astral Lounge Member area here

January 27th 2006 - Happy Birthday to Nick Mason

A Big Happy Birthday wish to Nick Mason who celebrates his 62nd year with us today. He was born on this day, the 27th of January 1944 in Birmingham, England. The only son of Billy and Sally Mason, he he grew up with three sisters, Sarah, Melanie and Serena. He spent his youth growing up in large home situated in a very well to do part of London's Hampstead area called Downshire Hill. His passion for cars started from an early age, and he rebuilt his first Aston Martin at age 21. Also enrolling at Regent Street Polytechnic, he was the drummer for Pink Floyd during their formative years and has remained there ever since. Nick is off to Germany shortly to continue further promotions of his already successful book, Inside Out - The History of Pink Floyd.


January 27th 2006 - Discount for Astral Piper Members on New DVD

I have just received information from UK Distributor, Chrome Dreams in Surrey, England, which entiltles all our Officially joined Members to obtain a 20% Discount on the New Syd Barrett - Under Review DVD. Please note, I am not making any profit from Sales, and this is a genuine offer kindly made available to our Society only. To obtain this discount you will need to quote a code made available only via Astral Piper - The New Syd Barrett Appreciation Society. To get your discount please quote a code number mentioned at the bottom of the review. Please e-mail to confirm your discount eligibility, also quoting your Piper Member number. Remember, this discount is available to joined MEMBERS ONLY!

The Under Review DVD may be purchased via this link

January 25th 2006 - New Release DVD, Syd Barrett - Under Review

I received an advanced copy of this new DVD, titled Syd Barrett - Under Review, from the kind folk at Chrome Dreams today. It is much better than I was expecting and contains some great interviews and a new style insight into Syd's music and mind. I believe it will be in the shops very soon. There is a small quiz offering one lucky person a chance to WIN a copy of this New Release after my Review of the DVD here...

January 22nd 2006 - David Gilmour album sleeve released

Who did this fine piece of art for the cover?...Well well well...hmmmmmmm...

When the Editor on David Gilmour's site comes out with the tantalisingly intriguing comment..."You'll Never Guess" really made me stop and ponder. The first person (and who would be most surprising to us all) which sprang to mind was Roger Barrett. He does still paint after all, and this image definately has a lovely painted quality. The profile of the guy on the rock even looks like it might be a current day Syd? If it isn't Syd's art, lets hope RK Barrett is at least invited on stage for one of the London gigs for a cracking version of perhaps Dominoes or Lucifer Sam or See Emily Play...or perhaps just to paint a portrait of David during his live performance! Then set fire to as the last brush stroke meets canvas!

Secondly I thought, who would be the most ironic? Roger Waters?...No, no no... not possible. Then I thought, most probably (and most likely) one of David's close family members...Polly or the kids perhaps as it is a very personal album for David. It's certainly not in Storm's Dynamic yet abstract style. The beautiful blue hue did remind me of Gerald Scarfe colours perhaps?

Ohh well, I prefer surprises, so I guess I will have to wait until I am flicking through and studying the cover art credits...on the day I buy the CD of course on the way to work...March 6th. Could even be David's artwork. Whoever is responsible, (and I hope they read this)... A big pat on the back, excellent job, lovely feel and well done. I am getting a feel for the hauntingly eerie music already!

It has just been revealed by David's site, the Artwork is from an artist named Steve Knee. No relation to the Floyd camp at all. So the Editor quite literally did mean, We'll never guess!



January 13th 2006 - The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story 'Definitive Edition' DVD to be released soon

After 3 seperate releases in the UK, Australia and more recently the USA, another New Two-disc "Definitive Edition" is to be released on the 6th February, promising to offer even more rarities, interviews etc. Matt Johns at Brain Damage has written an extensive overview of this upcoming release, so please read more of his report here.




January 7th 2006 - Newspapers report on Syd's Birthday

A few Newspapers have ran extensive articles celebrating Syd Barrett's 60th Birthday. One of the best, and certainly the most extensive was the one printed by The Independent, titled "Syd Barrett - The Swinging 60". The article was very well written and gained the opinions of many of his friends and peers. Included were former Floyd managers Peter Jenner and Andrew King, ex-Earl's Court flatmate Duggie Fields, Jeff Dexter (DJ at UFO), Record Producer John Leckie, Soft Machine guitarist Daevid Allen, photographer Mick Rock, and a welcome surprise, David Gilmour. In David's inteview, he mentions that Syd "was a truly magnetic personality. When he was very young, he was a figure in his home town. People would look at him in the street and say, "There's Syd Barrett," and he would be only 14 years old." David also talks of Syd's breakdown, and the potential that some of his songs had, if only they'd found a way of recording them. The Daily Mirror also ran a spread, but chose in perhaps poor taste to print some recent shots of Roger going about his daily routine. There was however a very tasteful piece written on David Gilmour's Official website about Syd. See more here. 


January 6th 2006 - SYD BARRETT TURNS 60

Many happy returns for the day to Roger Barrett who celebrates his 60th Birthday. He was Born Roger Keith Barrett at 60 Glisson Road in the heart of beautiful Cambridge on this 6th day of January 1946. Roger more than likely celebrated this, his 6th decade with close family and perhaps a few close friends at his home in Cambridgeshire. A BIG Happy Birthday to Roger from all the members here at Astral Piper.


Please make sure you check out the Fan Appreciation page reguarly as it is now getting updated fairly often, and some amazing things have been sent in from you all you good good people out there. Place this page in your favourites and return soon as more Syd Barrett News will be added here as it comes in.

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