Iggy Rose's Fantastic Birthday Bash!

Iggy Rose
Iggy Rose, mid 70's. Artwork: Felix Atagong.

The Reverend confesses that the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit has been vegetating somewhat for the last year. Lucky for us there was the international cooperation with the excellent Spanish Syd Barrett blog Solo en las Nubes who gave us the exclusive rights to publish their interviews with Warren Dosanjh, Lee Wood and Duggie Fields.

Then there was that foul-mouthed Alex Fagoting vulture of The Anchor, who jumped into the void and published some wretched articles on the Church's space. The Reverend solemnly apologises for that.

To our defence we can add that at the beginning of this year the Church was struck as if by lightning. Shortly after Mark Blake published his Iggy the Eskimo article in Mojo #207 the Church made contact with the subject of its adulation: Ms. Iggy Rose.

The initial hesitant passes towards each other where a bit like kittens exploring a strange new world outside their mother's nest but it didn't take long before it grew into a profound friendship. And when Iggy discovered the power of social media it became soon clear that Iggy fandom wasn't something that was run by a weird Reverend alone.

At the Barrett IG exposition in March the promoters of the event scratched their heads trying to find out why so many visitors had their Barrett books signed by this unknown woman and not by the authors of the book: Iggy at the Exhibition.

Iggy Rose, also known as the Eskimo, is an international woman of mystery. So make a mark on your agendas, dear sistren and brethren, because next week, on the 14th of December, an unforgettable Facebook event will take place under the signature: Iggy Rose's Fantastic Birthday Bash! Instigator is artist and general troublemaker Jenni Fiire who promises 'an online celebration to show Iggy Rose how much we love and appreciate her on her birthday. A groovy electronic party!!'

This could well become the Facebook event of the year (and if by sheer luck it isn't, we will still maintain it is and anyone denying will be ostracised from the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit anyway), so do the wise thing and leave a message on the fourteenth and all your sins, and the Reverend knows what kind of despicable sinners you all are, will be forgiven. For a very short while...

And it could possibly be that some things might happen here as well next week, so turn on, tune in and certainly don't drop out.