The perfect Xmas gift: put Iggy on your fridge!

Flower Children by Anthony Stern
Flower Children (movie festival), Anthony Stern.

In April the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit reported about the Sydge that was part of Anthony Stern's new project that can more or less be followed on his Anthony Stern Films blog. Something will, hopefully sooner than later, be compiled on a DVD that will contain an overview of Stern's career. In September there was a screening of his movies at BFI that was immediately sold out and was described it as follows:

In the most swinging of decades Anthony Stern was friends with ‘Pink Floyd,’ worked closely with cult director Peter Whitehead and also shot a series of his own vibrant, playful 16mm titles. Infused with the spirit of the psychedelic lightshow and the French New Wave, they paint a joyous, celebratory picture of the 1960s counter culture as it came into full dizzy bloom. In Iggy the Eskimo Girl (1966. 4min), red double-deckers whizz by while Syd Barrett’s then-girlfriend cavorts joyously in the bright London sun; and in Nothing To Do With Me (1968. 35min) Stern’s mentor Peter Whitehead – arguably at the peak of his own creative powers – opens his mind and riffs on the themes of alienation and his relationship with the camera. Also included in the programme is the mind-bending, truly psychedelic San Francisco (1968. 15min), which features an unreleased version of the Floyd’s ‘Interstellar Overdrive,’ alongside never-before-seen footage of the USA in 1968.

The DVD is not out yet, but there is something else you can get from Ant. Those who didn't get a Sydge (Syd Barrett fridge magnet) in the past (see: Magnets & Miracles), can now buy a limited set from him, containing two magnets: one with Syd Barrett and the other one with Iggy, taken from one of the triptychs Ant made from her in 1967. We'll let Stern speak for himself:

Sydge & Iggnet
Sydge & Iggnet.

The Sydge & The Iggnet have landed!
Get your Sydge Magnet and Iggy Iggnet here!
£15 for both (excl. postage)
Please email anthony@anthonysternglass.com

An early bird told us these limited collectibles will have a numbered card of authenticity, signed by Anthony Stern and perhaps... someone else. So get yours now, as your life will otherwise be empty! You can take it horse riding or swimming... You can give it to the ones you care for. Don't leave your house without a Sydge or Iggnet.

Many thanks to: Anthony Stern. (The Church is not affiliated with or endorsed by this company.)
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