Happy Birthday, Iggy!

Art by Jørgen Folmer Nergaard Larsen
Art by Jørgen Folmer Nergaard Larsen.

Guess what. When I was contacted by Iggy Rose, somewhere around 2011, I didn’t think it would be a never-ending story, with many laughs and now and then a tear. She was a remarkable woman with a touch of daft eccentricity that only seems to exist in England.

Obviously we are sad of what happened on the 13th of December 2017, a few minutes before midnight. But then, invariably, the gates of dawn open and we can celebrate her birthday. So, first, my annual wishes for her:

Happy Birthday, Iggy!
Birthday Greetings 2020, Felix Atagong.

And then we have a dance and a laugh. A Church tradition that started in 2011 when Iggy roamed the Internet gangs of Clowns & Jugglers, No Man's Land and Birdie Hop (where a remembrance thread is praising this remarkable woman). And who can be better to start a dance than our and her buddies of Men On The Border?


Iggy and Syd, by Storm.
Iggy and Syd, by Storm.

We end with a quote of Anne M, dating from almost a decade ago:

I don’t think Iggy's mystery will be over from now on;
I do think the mystery that comes out of her photos in the 60’s just cannot die.

She's forever a legend. And as we know... legends live on.

The Church wishes to thank Jørgen Folmer Nergaard Larsen, Men On The Border and everybody still reading this.
♥ Libby ♥ Iggy ♥