Picture: © Chris Lanaway, 2010.
In 2023 the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit celebrates its 15th anniversary.
Picture: © Chris Lanaway, 2010.

January 2023

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Happy New Year 2023

Hey, Hey, Rise Up!
Hey, Hey, Rise Up!

Near The End

A pretty good musician once sang:

Thinking that we're getting older and wiser.
When we're just getting old.

There is no better way to describe Pink Floyd in 2022 than with David Gilmour and Roger Waters fighting their minor squabbles that may have cost them a half-billion dollars.

To quote that same song:

And there's a stranger where once was a friend.

A New Machine

While Roger Waters was still licking Putin’s balls after the Russian invasion in Ukraine, David Gilmour (and his amenable corporal Nick Mason) recorded the charity single Hey, Hey, Rise Up!, reluctantly reincarnating Pink Floyd once more.

Pink Floyd 2022
Pink Floyd 2022.

Pink Floyd 2022

Pink Floyd, anno 2022, looked a bit different than in 1972 or 1982. Three faces were well known to the fans: David Gilmour, Nick Mason and bass player ad interim (since 1987) Guy Pratt. Musician, producer, and composer Nitin Sawhney joined them on keyboards.

The vocalist on this record, as you probably know, is Andriy Khlyvnyuk from the Ukrainian band Boombox. The choir intro was taken from a recording from the Veryovka Ukrainian Folk Choir. The song itself is based on a 1914 Ukrainian anthem, "Oh, the Red Viburnum in the Meadow". (Read more at: Hey, Hey, Rise Up)

In December 2022 it was confirmed that the record raised £500,000 for charity: Pink Floyd thank supporters of Ukraine benefit song as it raises £500,000.

Happy New Year 2023

On this first day of the new year, we give you the traditional overview of what happened on our sister website on Tumblr: iggyinuit.tumblr.com.

Pink Freud
January 2022: yes, we are all crazy and the followers of the Church doubly so.
Anthony Stern
February 2022: RIP Anthony Stern who gave us several Iggy pictures and movies. See also: RIP Anthony Stern: 1944-2022
Iggy Rose in Cambridge
March 2022: Iggy Rose, the original wild thing. See also: Iggy Rose in Cambridge.
Through The Prism, Aubrey Powell
April 2022: Through The Prism, an Hipgnosis autobiography by Aubrey 'Po' Powell. See also: Cows, Pigs, Sheep...>
Mick Brown
April 2022: RIP Mick Brown, the Pink Floyd critic and archivist all fans loved to hate. See also: RIP Mick Brown: the great curry in the sky
A picture of Mick Browns favourite office
May 2022: a picture of Mick Brown's favourite office.
All roads lead to...
June 2022: all roads lead to…
Syd and Iggy
July 2022: Syd and Iggy.
Rick Weight and Jon Carin
August 2022: no Pink Floyd release without a Jon Carin fight. See also: A Great Day for Fighting
Iggy Rose, why not?
September 2022: Iggy Rose, as Uncle Alex would say: why not?
Vegetable Man Lyrics
October 2022: Vegetable Man manuscript for sale. See also: Vegetable Man For Sale
Syd Barrett
November 2022: Syd, trying to remember where he left his Vegetable Man lyrics.
Iggy by Little Queenies
December 2022: Iggy collage by Little Queenies. Visit their Tumblr at: Little Queenies.

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Song quoted at the beginning of this post: Near The End.