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Iggy Rose was one of Syd Barrett's girlfriends in 1969. She is most famous for being the model on the Syd Barrett album: 'The Madcap Laughs'. Nicknamed Iggy the Eskimo, it was rumoured she was part Inuit.

One day, in 1969, she disappeared out of Syd's life and was not heard of ever since.

Almost four decades later, the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit started to mess with things. Its five years mission: to find Iggy and bring her back to the spotlights. And guess what, with some invaluable help from many, many friends... we did...

At the end of March 2015 the Church closed its doors, although the search for new pictures and movies still continues. Our Tumblr microblog iggyinuit.tumblr.com and its social equivalent facebook.com/iggyinuit are still (daily) updated and really important news will be added as a Newsflash.

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Memory Marbles (2016): new Iggy pictures found!

Anthony Stern In our previous post (Lost Weekends) we told how Keith Richards (with some help from Julian Temple) took over the BBC4 broadcasting schedule on the weekend from the 23rd to the 25th September 2016.

One of the documentaries shown was called Lost and Found: The Memory Marbles of Anthony Stern. Unfortunately it was the only original piece that couldn't be re-watched on the BBC4 iPlayer, probably due to copyright restrictions.

The Birdie Hop group, that has a soft spot for Iggy Rose, looked for people who had a copy, but could only find some pictures and snippets, taken with mobile phones, from TV screens. Quality wasn't excellent, but it was all we had.

Then professional Syd Barrett movie collector Hallucalation chimed in. This man has already unearthed 'lost' Pink Floyd reels earlier and again he did the impossible and traced back a digital copy of the Anthony Stern BBC4 documentary. (A 2012 self-Interview with this remarkable man, taken from Solo En Las Nubes, can be found at Wondering and Dreaming (a self-interview with Ewgeni Reingold).)

Even if your heart isn't necessary with Pink Floyd, nor with Iggy the Eskimo, it is an excellent documentary, not only of the swinging sixties, but of life in that decade in general. If the documentary was a shortened version of Take All That From Ant, that has its premiere today in Cambridge, by the way, then that movie is going to be a killer.

Iggy the Eskimo, by Anthony Stern.

Several entirely new pictures of Iggy have been unearthed, several 'better' screenshots of the Iggy, the Eskimo movie have been grabbed and these can be seen on our Tumblr Memory Marbles page. For your amusement we have of course also added some Pink Floyd at UFO shots.


This article is an update from Lost Weekends. Many thanks to: Hallucalation, Antonio Jesús, Lisa Newman, Anthony Stern, Yeeshkul.

The Iggy the Eskimo Memory Marbles photo series on Tumblr.
Yeeshkul: Film and Photography by Anthony Stern.

♥ Iggy ♥ Libby ♥

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Some highlights

A fashion documentary from 1967, starring Iggy, is discovered.
JenS reveals how Syd Barrett and Ig first met. En passant the shooting date of The Madcap Laughs cover picture is set straight.
Ig is alive and well and living in England.
Gretta Barclay, a friend of Syd, Ig and JenS, remembers 1969 in her first interview in 4 decades.
In The Case of the Painted Floorboards, an attempt is made to unravel the secret about one of the most ardent legends regarding Syd Barrett.
The Mark 'Pigs Might Fly' Blake Iggy interviews are published:
Iggy The Eskimo Phones Home (Mojo 207 article)
The Strange Tale Of Iggy The Eskimo - part 1
The Strange Tale Of Iggy The Eskimo - part 2
Iggy surprises friends and foes by visiting the 'Barrett' book launch, her first public appearance in over 30 years:
Iggy at the Exhibition.
A follow up of The Case of the Painted Floorboards (v 2.012) causes a storm in the mostly lethargic Syd Barrett world.
The Church reports about a Hispanic urban legend from the mid-eighties: Spanishgrass or Syd Barrett's lost Spanish record. It will grow into a series, an interview with the originator and a tribute album.
A 'lost' Iggy picture from 1967 has been unearthed:
Iggy - a new look in festivals.
The Church reveals who is the mystery lady on Syd's arty-farty 'Fart Enjoy' and en passant manages to pinpoint the date it was made:
Smart Enjoy.
An innerview with Peter Jenner, a Hall, Hop & Madcaps co-production.
Just letting you know that Iggy is still alive and kicking:
A sunny afternoon with Iggy.
The Holy Church is about the only blog in the world that reports about the Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band release, with Syd Barrett jamming on three tracks. A 6-part series , including an interview with Mohammed Abdullah John Alder, better known as Twink.
Eat your heart out! Iggy has been pictured on another record cover:
Bend It (2015): New Iggy Picture Found.
Iggy gave her first radio interview on Nikki Palomino's Dazed Radio show on the 25th of May. Listen to it at: Dazed Radio: Iggy Rose.
Iggy is a special guest at the second Birdie Hop meeting in Cambridge. Extensive coverage at our Tumblr page: Iggy Rose in Cambridge.
Another Iggy picture from 1967 is unearthed by a fan: Iggy - another festival, another look.
A complete version of the 1968 Anthony Stern movie 'iggy the eskimo girl' is found (and immediately deleted): Iggy The Eskimo Girl (full movie).

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