Happy New Year 2024

Iggy by Feri Lukas
Iggy by Feri Lukas.

Surprise Surprise

We have said it before, and I am afraid we will say it again. Whenever you think that the Iggy well has been dried up, she will surprise us with something new.

July 2023 confronted us with 32 new Iggy pictures, take by Feri Lukas in the mid-seventies, and found in a Viennese antiquity shop by art collector Kevin Geronimo Brandtner. More about that a bit later when we present you our annual overview of our Tumblr sister-blog, aptly titled The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit.

And guess what? In December, we were confronted with another new Iggy picture, but that is for a new article to appear in a couple of days.

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and before we thank all our friends who participated in the Church in 2023 we’ll have a quick overview of that mad place that is the Tumblr edition of the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit. It is ridiculously popular, compared to its original. Make your own comment using the terms ‘pearls’ and ‘swine’.

Syd Barrett
January 2023. Start the year with a roaring Syd Barrett. Our review of the 2011 Barrett art book from Russell Beecher & Will Shutes can be found at Barrett: come on you painter!
Jean-Marie Deschamps
February 2023. The man standing behind the boys is not a groupie, nor a roadie. Meet Jean-Marie Deschamps in If you're going to Sausalito.
Anthony Stern
March 2023 . Iggy, by Anthony Stern, who passed away in 2022. We are still waiting for the Get all that, Ant DVD, that promises unseen footage of Pink Floyd and Iggy. Read more at: RIP Anthony Stern: 1944-2022.
Have You Got It Yet?
April 2023. A documentary that did get a release in 2023 was Have You Got It Yet? Started by Storm Thorgerson in 2012 it took director Roddy Bogawa over a decade to finish it. The truth and nothing but the truth can be read in Incarceration of a Flower Child.
Apples and Oranges
May 2023. Bonhams tried to sell Syd’s manuscript of Apples and Oranges, a leftover found in the archives of Blackhill Enterprises (Peter Jenner). However, the demanded amount of apples wasn’t reached. A couple of months later the same document was auctioned again at Omega Auctions and this time the right amount of oranges was reached. Our reports at: An Apple a Day…… andBarrett on Paper.
Muziek uit de Ruimte
June 2023. Muziek uit de Ruimte (Music from Space), a Dutch ad for the Floyd’s second album. Just because we like it.
Iggy by Feri Lukas
July 2023. Art collector Kevin Geronimo Brandtner visited a Viennese second-hand shop where he stumbled upon a contact sheet with 32 unknown Iggy pictures, taken by Feri Lukas. More details: Viennese Iggy Treasure Found!
Blind Boy Fuller
August 2023. Because some people still don’t know which record gave the Pink Floyd name away. Read the bawdy truth at: Step It Up And Go.
The Orb and David Gilmour
September 2023. A review of some Floydian records, issued in 2023: Any Colour you Like , featuring The Orb and David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Rick Wright.
Iggy by Chris Lanaway
October 2023. Iggy, by Chris Lanaway. The start of a legend. Picture taken in 2011 for Mojo magazine. Read Mark Blake's exclusive interview here: The Strange Tale Of Iggy The Eskimo.
Dark Side of the Moon at 50
November 2023. Fun with the Floyd. Dark Side of the Moon at 50, a real MILF of a record.
Mick Brown
December 2023. Mick Brown on Syd’s bench. Still greatly missed by the 0.001% who knew him. The great curry in the sky. He probably is insulting Syd in heaven, much to the enjoyment of both.

The Church wishes to thank all our friends, collaborators and some old enemies whom we can’t live without: ‘Georgie Boy’ Lukàc, Alexander, Alien Brain, Antonio Jesús Reyes, Aubrey Powell, Benji, Birdie Hop, Chapter 24, Dillharris1953, Drkrazee, Ebronte, Eleonora Siatoni, Elizabeth Joyce, Eternal Isolation, Ewgeni Reingold, Feri Lukas, Göran Nyström, Hipgnosis Covers, Iain Emo Moore, Iggy Rose, Jackie Orme Ward, Jenny Spires, Kevin Geronimo Brandtner, Libby Gausden, Mark Blake, Mark Cobley-Jones, Mark Lawton, Mimi Hnamte, MluciferSam, NO TIME TO ROCK, Petra Eder, Peudent, Psych62, Ramenastern, Rich Hall, Rino Di Lernia, RJBuffalo, Roddy Bogawa, Sean Beaver, Simon Matthews, Stanislav, Suzie, SwanLee, Syd Wonder, Thana Hnamte, Vanessa Flores, Wolfpack, Younglight, Zeebo… and all the others we have forgotten.
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