Picture: © Chris Lanaway, 2010.
In 2023 the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit celebrates its 15th anniversary.
Picture: © Chris Lanaway, 2010.

October 2008

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Iggy played guitar

The Trashcan Sinatras
Oranges & Apples, The Trashcan Sinatras.

The Trashcan Sinatras, probably the best band name ever since the Soup Dragons, have recorded a 6 minutes and 41 seconds single commemorating Syd Barrett. Oranges And Apples will be released on the 13th October on iTunes and will later appear on their forthcoming album In The Music.

A percentage of every sale will be donated to the Syd Barrett Trust in support of arts in mental health.

The first two minutes of the song can be heard on The City Wakes and these contain the following lyrics:

Emily and the English Rose
Shining out the UFO
Hand in hand with your Eskimo.

As far as the Church is aware of this is the first time Iggy has ever been mentioned in a song… and actually… it is a rather good and catchy tune as well…. Now if only they could get rid of that iTunes download… 8-(

The Church is still following the path as it leads towards the darkness in Iggy’s past. In the near future we will dedicate some space to a movie featuring Syd Barrett and our goddess. It can be found on YouTube (in rather bad quality) but the Church of Iggy the Inuit managed to locate a low generation copy. As soon as that version will arrive at Atagong manor it will be revealed by the Reverend to his disciples.

Until that moment arrives we bid you to live long and prosper, dear brethren and sistren, and don’t do anything that Iggy wouldn’t have done.


Anthony Stern Photoshoot

A couple of posts ago it was prophesised in Where did she go? that some of Anthony Stern’s unpublished Iggy pictures would find their way to the public. And they will… the City Wakes website now has an Iggy gallery as well. (Update: this website no longer exists.)

The 15 pictures, sadly in a very small format, come from different photo-shoots, and with exception of the ironic black and white pictures, most of them are very representative for the psychedelic era they were shot in. Signed prints of the Iggy pictures will soon be exclusively available from the City Wakes website.

© Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern
© Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern
© Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern
© Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern
© Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern © Anthony Stern

Update (2010-2016): Anthony Stern's website no longer contains these pictures and so the Church has stored these for pure academical purposes: Iggy Triptychs.
Update (2016): Anthony Stern's 2016 BBC documentary Memory Marbles contained some new Iggy pictures, they have been published on Tumblr: Memory Marbles.

IN Gear Gallery

Look At Life DVD
Look At Life DVD

Some of Anthony Stern's pictures are somewhat reminiscent of the IN Gear mirror shots that were taken in the Granny Takes A Trip boutique. The Church could finally get hold of the Look at Life Swingin’ London DVD and managed to extract a lot of screenshots. The previous low quality gallery from the IN Gear documentary has now been upgraded with the DVD shots that have a slightly better quality.

Iggy's appearance in the Look At Life documentary has been uploaded on YouTube.

For those that want to watch the complete documentary, don't miss Iggy. She arrives at 1 minute 13 seconds and disappears, with the world's most beautiful smile on her face, at 1 minute and 45 seconds.

A gallery with screenshots of the movie can be visited here.

The Church is still trying to find more information about the documentary in question but apparently the Rank Organistation archives are a bit quirky. They have been put somewhere, but nobody seems to remember the exact location. Until the moment arrives that the Church will unearth more gruesome details we bid you, dear sistren and brethren, to live long and prosper and to not do do anything that Iggy wouldn’t have done.

Update April 2017: replaced invalid 2008 YouTube link with a more modern one.


Iggy played guitar (2)

Oranges and Apples by The Trashcan Sinatras
Oranges and Apples by The Trashcan Sinatras.

A couple of weeks ago the Church signaled that The Trashcan Sinatras recorded a 6 minutes and 41 seconds single 'Oranges And Apples' commemorating Syd Barrett and his companion Iggy (Iggy played guitar).

The song is now available for download at the devil’s pit, better known as iTunes, but Amazon will follow as well. A percentage of every sale will be donated to The Syd Barrett Trust in support of arts in mental health. As far as the Church is aware of this is the only song that has a direct Iggy reference.


Evening sun in an English sky
Orange as the pigeons eye
No-one knew when you cycled by..

Oranges were made for you .... apples too, all made for you

Emily and the English Rose
Shining out the UFO
Hand in hand with your Eskimo

Oranges... they fell for you.. and the apples too.. all fell for you

Light shines through
Brightest of all was you
and i just don't know what i would do without your light

Green wheelbarrow, Bikes, red and blue
Orange drawers that winked at you
All the colours that fell from you

and all the things that you went through
and now everything is enhanced by you
and the oranges were made for you
and the apples too.. all made for you

© and (p) Trashcan Sinatras 2008

Update April 2017: replaced invalid YouTube link with a new one.


Pictures at an exhibition

The Other Room (picture: Dark Globe)
The Other Room (picture: Dark Globe)

It is far from a coincidence that this blog started more or less when The City Wakes project was announced. The City Wakes is an official Syd Barrett tribute, held in the city of Cambridge, and it has been officially opened past week. But the history of the instalment of the Church will be told on an other day, promised.

Supported by Syd’s family and friends, The City Wakes is the first ever official tribute to Syd Barrett – original front-man and songwriter for Pink Floyd. A celebration of Syd’s creativity, The City Wakes focuses on Syd’s early life in Cambridge, providing a showcase for his remarkable talent and painting a picture of the explosive and vibrant early 1960s cultural scene in which he grew up.
Involving many of Syd’s former friends – not least Storm Thorgerson and Mick Rock - The City Wakes includes concert performances, exhibitions, guided tours, music workshops, a 1960s style ‘happening’, talks and a new book of interviews and memorabilia.
The City Wakes has been developed by Escape Artists, a UK arts and mental health charity and professional production house. Working with clients in both institutional and non-institutional settings, it aims to improve quality of life, health and social welfare, by recognising the vital importance of creativity to an individual’s well being. Funds generated through The City Wakes project will be used to support the charity's work in the mental health sector. Escape Artists has been working in the mental health sector in Cambridge since 1999. (Taken from The City Wakes - deleted)

One of the exhibitions taking place is called The Other Room, it is held in the Ruskin Gallery at Anglia Ruskin University, and is open from 24th October to 2nd November 2008.

At the Ruskin Gallery visitors can see over fifty of Syd's paintings, the majority of which have never before been seen in public. Also on display are rare archival-quality prints from Syd's photo-biographer Mick Rock and original pieces from Pink Floyd's legendary designer Storm Thorgerson. The exhibition features rare Syd-related memorabilia, including diaries and correspondence. (Taken from Anglia Ruskin University - link no longer available)

But of course the Church is far more intrigued by the pictures from the personal collection of Anthony Stern that are exposed as well: Pink Floyd performing at UFO (1967-ish) and his Iggy pictures.

The Other Room: Syd Barrett's Art and Life
Date: 24 October - 2 November 2008
Time: 10am - 9pm Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday (link has been deleted).

Thanks to Dark Globe for the picture, other pictures of the exhibition can be seen at Inside The Other Room.