Happy Birthday Iggy Rose!

After someone thought Iggy's birthday was the beginning of this week, probably due to a Facebook reminder that arrives every Sunday, her birthday went nearly viral and people have been congratulating her for this fabulous event every single day. This proves two things:
One, that 'rumours' quickly snowball on Facebook without being checked first; and
Two, that Iggy Rose is loved and cherished and appreciated by lots of people on this globe...

Not that weird, because - and this is the only time in the year you may believe the Reverend - Iggy Rose is authentic, she is real and she won't change her opinion, nor her mind, because some ninkenpoop thinks that would be better...

...and in an hour time (for the West-European Time Zone) we will officially shout:


Happy Birthday, Iggy Rose!
Happy Birthday, Iggy Rose!

(Yeah, we are aware that the Reverend's handwriting looks like the trail of a wildebeest on LSD.)

Iggy's Electronic Birthday Card

We know it is from past year, but Iggy's Electronic Birthday Card contains a few seconds from a super-secret mid-Seventies home movie (and we added a nice tune as well). Flash link (warning: 5 MB!): Happy Birthday Iggy Rose! or YouTube:

Crystal Blue Postcards

An electronic book of poems and art, dedicated to Syd and his muses, by Denis Combet, with a little help from his friends Constance Cartmill and Allison Star. Digital artwork by Jean Vouillon and some tinkering from Felix Atagong (more about Denis Combet and his Iggy poem(s): Catwoman).

Crystal Blue Postcards (Flash pageFlip presentation).

Guitars and Dust Dancing by Rescue Rangers

Last year, Pascal Mascheroni, from the stoner power trio Rescue Rangers donated the haunting (& slightly psychedelic) power ballad Guitars and Dust Dancing from the album with the same name (buy your copy at iTunes: Guitars and Dust Dancing). In the meanwhile enjoy this Youtube clip with the artwork from Jean Vouillon (see above).

Oranges and Apples by Trashcan Sinatras

Dating from 2008 this Trashcan Sinatras tune hints at Iggy with the enigmatic lyric:

Emily and the English Rose
Shining out the UFO
Hand in hand with your Eskimo


Instead of reading and watching all this you should be heading at Facebook where you can leave your messages, poems, songs and images at: The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit and of course on Iggy's personal page as well.

Let's make this a birthday to remember, brethren and sistren, but always: don't do anything that Iggy wouldn't do!

The Church wishes to thank Denis Combet, Pascal Mascheroni (Rescue Rangers) & all the nice people at Birdie Hop, Bill's Blah Blah Blah, Dark Globe Syd Barrett, Late Night and all the others we have forgotten.
♥ Libby ♥ Iggy ♥