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Pinked - A Syd Barrett Film
Pinked - A Syd Barrett Film.


In September 2017 the Church was contacted by Robert Treadway who informed us that he was involved in a movie project for which Paula Christy and Marsha Allen had written a script.

That last name was the only one that rang a bell, Marsha Allen is a long time member of the Birdie Hop group and we may (or may not) have virtually encountered before on other Barrett meeting places, like the now pretty comatose Late Night. She also happens to be one of Iggy’s (many) followers.

By then Iggy had disappeared from the net for reasons we couldn’t divulge, but we passed her a message from the movie makers. We know for certain she was aware of it, that she was thrilled about the project and that she was even willing to advise them.

Unfortunately, time ran short and communication between Iggy and the movie team was lost forever on that dreary December day.

Scene from Pinked.
Scene from Pinked.


Robert Treadway, after hearing the sad news of Iggy's passing, confirmed us that they would move forward with the project and now, nearly a year later, a teaser has been released for Pinked – a Syd Barrett Film, on YouTube.

The movie makers enlisted the help of Jim Prues, of Panoptic Media, who directed a number of campaign videos for Bernie Sanders and others. The initial plan was to make a short promo movie to generate financial backing and that is the version that was released now.

The actors were, according to our inside source, incredible, rising above the material. Anthony Dain and Samantha Roman studied Syd and Iggy in depth before starting their scenes. The lighting director tried to get the feel and colour of The Madcap Laughs cover shoot.

And, obviously, the floorboards had to be recreated as well.

Filmed in July 2018 it seems that an ‘angel investor’ hasn’t showed up yet. The plan to turn the 8 minutes trailer into a twenty to thirty minutes short has, we fear, been postponed although there are rumours that they would like to start a crowdfunding campaign.

Scene from Pinked.
Anthony Dain and Samantha Roman.


Pinked - A Syd Barrett Film, Panoptic Media, 2018. Directed by Jim Prues.

Anthony Dain: Syd Barrett
Samantha Roman: Iggy the Eskimo

Paula Christy: screenplay, executive producer
Marsha Allen : screenplay, executive producer

Length: 8 minutes 33 seconds.

Hear it and see it first and we'll talk about it afterwards...

Update:2018 12 08: the movie has been removed from YouTube to correct the 'David Gilmore' error in the introduction, so we were informed.

Syds Out - Gilmore In.
Syd's Out - Gilmore In.


An off-screen voice telling us that Syd Barrett, co-founder of Pink Floyd, has left the band and is planning to make a solo album. A fake newspaper article shows us how a certain David Gilmore (sic) has replaced Syd. We’re not certain if this error has been put in deliberately or not, although newspapers (and record sleeves) have misspelled his name before.

Scene 1a

A jealous Iggy complains that she saw Syd over at Gilmour’s den. Syd explains that he was there because David (and Roger Waters) will produce his first solo album. This scene is based upon Iggy’s story that she once had a row with Syd at Gilmour’s flat, ruining the new Pink Floyd album that was playing on a turntable. Notice the use of some of Barrett’s lyrics in the dialogue.

Scene 1b

Syd gets angry at the fact that his band doesn’t want him any more and that he has to go solo. Iggy seems to be unaware of the fact that Syd started The Pink Floyd.

Scene 2

Syd painting and explaining to Iggy he can see colour and sound.

Scene 3

Syd proposing to paint on Iggy and wishing to make a child with her (a true story, based upon the Mark Blake article about Iggy: The Strange Tale Of Iggy The Eskimo Pt. 2).

The movie-set.
The movie-set with painted floorboards & all.


Initial reactions from the fans are quite negative to say the least:

The bad script. The bad acting. The fact that Ig looks like a two-bit Bollywood starlet. A lot of bad can be packed into 8 minutes.

What bothers most Sydiots is that the actors don’t move, talk and act like their real-life counterparts.

Well, perhaps that is because it is a movie and a movie is the joined vision of the director, the authors and the actors. And in true Floydian tradition these visions may sometimes clash, compromises will have to be made, budget problems will arise, etcetera... etcetera...

Samantha Roman. Picture: Marsha Allen.
Samantha Roman. Picture: Marsha Allen.

The Reverend's Idea

Time for the Reverend to leave his pulpit and descend to the masses.

As one of those few privileged people who have spoken to Iggy (for dozens of hours) I immediately remarked that the girl who plays her doesn’t speak, doesn’t articulate, doesn’t react like the real Iggy does/did. But that is not the point, this is not a documentary.

The plan is to make a movie about a Syd and an Iggy and that is all that counts, even if it isn’t perfect and doesn’t fit with the image we have from them.

I can vividly imagine how an excited Iggy would have reacted, in that loud voice of her that could render any train horn useless.


And that’s all that matters.

Our Tumblr page has got some 30+ pictures, some slightly NSFW: Pinked.

Many thanks to: Marsha Allen, Pasquale Muzzupappa, Psych62, Antonio Jesús Reyes, Robert Treadway, The Iggy Rose Archives. All pictures: © Marsha Allen / Panoptic Media, 2018.
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