Iggy takes India by Storm #3

Iggy by Vic Singh
Iggy by legendary Pink Floyd photographer Vic Singh, 2015.

Part 3 of our Mizoram newspaper cuttings.

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Myithili Hazarika wrote: Pink Floyd muse Evelyn ‘Iggy’ Rose had Mizo roots – 4 yrs after her death, the families connect.

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Pink Floyd muse Evelyn ‘Iggy’ Rose had Mizo roots
Pink Floyd muse Evelyn ‘Iggy’ Rose had Mizo roots.

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Pink Floyd muse Evelyn ‘Iggy’ Rose had Mizo roots – 4 yrs after her death, the families connect

Evelyn 'Iggy' Rose's mother was from Mizoram who married British Army officer Harry Joyce

New Delhi: A little over three years after her death in 2017, the family of Evelyn 'Iggy' Rosethe enigmatic girlfriend of Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett, who appeared on the cover of his album 'The Madcap Laughs' — was able to reconnect with her relatives in Mizoram recently.

Rose's mother was Chawngpuii, a Mizo woman, and her father a British army officer, Harry Joyce. The couple married in Aizawl in 1946. Rose, born a year later, had a Mizo middle name 'Laldawngliani'.

Also known as 'Iggy The Eskimo Girl' or 'Iggy The Innuit', Rose had achieved cult status in the 1960s Swinging London, with her long dark hair and Asian features. Such had been her popularity that there is a fan site in her honour called, 'The Holy Church of Iggy The Innuit (now renamed as 'The Holy Church of Iggy The Mizo').

In an interview to British journalist Mark Blake, Rose had recalled how her father travelled to a "remote village in the Himalayas" where "he met the woman that would become my mother".

But the two families lost touch in 1966 during the Mizo insurgency days.

Rosangliana, one of her relatives in Mizoram, told The Assam Tribune, "After Mizoram returned to normalcy following the 1986 peace accord, we resumed the search for Iggy's parents...but to no avail."

It was only weeks ago that someone from Mizoram stumbled upon a post on her fan site and alerted the family. "A few days later, a guy named Felix (who runs the fan site) gave us information about Iggy's siblings," Rosangliana said, and added: “We have contacted Iggy's brother Stephen and sister Elizabeth.”

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