Happy Birthday Iggy!

Last year we didn’t wish Iggy a happy birthday, for reasons that are well known, but why stop with a fine tradition that has been going on for many years?

We don’t mean to be disrespectful and obviously we think about the tragedy that happened just before midnight on the thirteenth of December 2017, but to us and to many others Iggy will always be the personification of life and joy and happiness. So here we go:

Happy Birthday, Iggy Rose!
Birthday Greetings, Felix Atagong.

Iggy Rose’s Fantastic Birthday Bash

Iggy’s online birthday festivities started in 2011 as Iggy Rose's Fantastic Birthday Bash! Its instigator was not the Church, but – and we quote – "artist and general troublemaker Jenni Fiire who promised an online celebration to show Iggy Rose how much we love and appreciate her on her birthday. A groovy electronic party!"

The result was that literally hundreds of messages reached Iggy Rose that day. Whatever happened to Jenni Fiire, we sometimes wonder? She disappeared without a trace.

Something to watch: Iggy's Electronic Birthday Card

An electronic birthday card that we made in 2011 featured a home-movie of Iggy and the wishes at the end show the bumpy ride that history often makes. Does anyone remember the Facebook groups Clowns & Jugglers and No Man’s Land? Supposedly this was even before Birdie Hop was created and many of its members are still around.

Hi-res link (Flash enabled): Happy Birthday Iggy Rose!
YouTube link: Happy Birthday Iggy Rose!

Blah F. Blah. Anyone? All these memories coming back, by browsing old Church posts.

Crystal Blue Postcards

Also in 2011 an electronic book of poems and art, dedicated to Syd and his muses, was published at the Holy Church. These poems were written by Denis Combet (with some help from Constance Cartmill and Allison Star). Digital artwork by Jean Vouillon, image tinkering and book design: Felix Atagong.

Crystal Blue Postcards

Crystal Blue Postcards (Flash pageFlip presentation, 2011).
Crystal Blue Postcards (PDF flipbook presentation, 2018.)

This booklet includes From Quetesh To Bastet, dedicated to Iggy. For more information about this release (and the 'original' French version of the Iggy poem De Quétesh à Bastet), check: Catwoman.

In Iggy We Trust, Rich Hall & Porthos

Last year Rich Hall brought an acoustic rendition of his mulit-million dollars selling hit In Iggy We Trust (aka The Reverend), with some valuable assistance from his dog Porthos. It was meant to be included in our annual Iggy Birthday post, but it became a fitting eulogy instead.

YouTube link: In Iggy We Trust

Suddenly there’s a tear in my eyes. Those dust devils, n’est-ce pas?


We've got from a very good source that Brian, Jimi, George and Syd are preparing a surprise party. There will be a helluva time in heaven, we guarantee you that.

The Church wishes to thank Constance Cartmill , Denis Combet, Jenni Fiire, Rich Hall, Porthos, Allison Star, Jean Vouillon and all the others that we seem to have forgotten...
♥ Libby ♥ Iggy ♥